Monday, September 17, 2007

Ahhh, massage!

I have to post again, if only to get my face off the top of this page ....

You know how sometimes you don't want to even try a new dessert because you know it will a) most likely be delicious and b) then become yet another temptation on your already-too-long list of culinary delights to avoid? (I hope I am not alone in this.) Well, I found a non-food equivalent to this.

I had my first massage. Hot stone, to be specific. It was truly heavenly. I yawned the entire drive home, I was so relaxed. And then I began to worry about the money I was already planning to spend on more massages. Yipes, this luxurious experience could turn out to be very detrimental to my budget.

I think my sore legs felt better, though it is really hard to tell when the degree of soreness is so intense. I'm walking around like I'm pregnant and the sight of me descending stairs sends my mother into a fit of giggles. Rude. Anyway, the massage was worth it. Hopefully I won't have to run another marathon for my hubby to approve of it. For now, I am basking in the lingering scent of coconut lotion and heading off to bed.

Are all of you marathon mommies out there massage regulars? What kinds of massages have you had and how often do you get them? I felt a little silly, having never done it before, but now I can see becoming addicted. Any tips?


Suzie Petunia said...

If I could afford it I would get a massage every WEEK! As is, I get one about once a year... usually for my birthday. I love the relaxing, traditional-type "Swedish" massage which is supposed to just be relaxing. No deep tissue work, though I'd like to try that sometime. I am always amazed how something so relaxing can actually make my muscles sore the next day. You are supposed to drink a lot of water to minimize that effect. Anyone else had that experience?

JP said...

I actually have gotten headaches after a massage. But I'm always so tense - it's no wonder.

Also...just a though: see if there are any massage schools near where you live. That can cut the cost of your new favorite "indulgence"! :)

cherl said...

I love massages, but am also in the category of those who don't have one as often as they'd like. I had a deep tissue the day after running Napa and it was wonderful. It was uncomfortable at times (okay, it hurt) but the next day it was as if I hadn't even run a marathon! Seriously. She worked out all my tightness and soreness - it was unbelievable how good I felt! I now swear by them.

What kinds have I had? Deep tissue, hot stone, the Swedish, a "rain massage" that was incredibly relaxing... Last month while on vacation I sent my husband in for a massage and he loved it. It was his first and he now understands how wonderful they are!

Gosh... 18 months since my last one? I'm definitely due for a massage.

And Polliwog - my neighbor is 26 months pregnant and just enjoyed a prenatal massage last week. I never had one while pregnant but she said it was really, really wonderful.

Polliwog said...

Just to be clear, I am NOT currently pregnant, I am just walking like I am (due to my legs not wanting to bend).

I would like to be in the near future, though, so with the new info from cherl, I will have an excellent excuse to get more massages. :)

Is a massage an appropriate Columbus Day gift? I could give it to myself...

Suzie Petunia said...


Wow! Your friend is 26 MONTHS pregnant? :0

Can you just imagine how miserable that would be??

cherl said...

Oops! That's pretty funny. The poor thing FEELS like she is 26 months pregnant, but alas it's just 26 WEEKS.

Chelle said...

Oh how I adore a massage. I'm with Suzie... love a swedish massage. Sadly, I have limited experience (I've only had maybe 5). My most recent massage was at our hotel in Mexico. This sweet little woman, about 4 ft 11 inches tall, walked into the room and I thought 'there is no way she can give a good massage'. Boy did she prove me wrong.... it was amazing!

Columbus Day massages for all of us!

M&M said...

I guess I am the lone man (woman) out. I am not a huge fan of massages. It is just hard for me to sit still that long and I get antsy. :-)

That being said, I have LOVED acupuncture!! I usually fall asleep during it because I am so relaxed. Plus, it is my own personal experiment right now.

Maybe I just haven't tried the right variety of massage. I will let you know after St. George. Suzie, let's go get one right after, okay?

Enjoy your Columbus Day massages!

Stela Dimitrov said...

I love massages and I’m a big fan of it! I've tried some of them just to know what best fit my needs, and the overall experience is fun. I only took massages before and after I do a marathon, just to condition my body and alleviate the pain. Anyway, it's been years, what kind of massages have you tried?

--Stela Dimitrov--