Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Celebrate with me!

I have a new running partner. She's fabulous. It's a girl from my yoga class. We started chatting and realized we are both runners. We went this morning and it was SO fun to talk my way through a run. It's unbelievable how time goes by so much more quickly when you are enjoying a good conversation while pounding out the miles. We are a perfect pace match, and isn't that the one hitch that can throw off a running duo? Oh happy day.

And yes, that is exactly how we looked running down the street.

(Okay, that's not how we looked. But that's how I felt when we were done!)



cherl said...

The perfect running partner is surprisingly hard to find. Hooray for you! :)

JP said...

I'm so new to all this, it's going to take a while for me to be up to par for a running partner. I'm still so self-concsious, too.

Oh, but the goal is there... :)

Polliwog said...

I'm trying jubilation, but feeling a little envy too--friendly envy, of course! ;)

Talking through a run is definitely my choice, followed distantly by some pumpin' music on the ipod.

And the best thing about a brand new running partner is that there is so much in the conversational world to explore. You don't know anything about them, so no stories are old. Congrats.

M&M said...

Hooray for running partners!! There are times that I definitely feel like the girls in the pic. Usually due to lack of sleep! There was 6 of us mommies yesterday, and I was just thinking how cool it was to be there with all of them

Congrats to you!! Cherl, come join us anytime!