Saturday, September 15, 2007

i love new shoes

I purchased a new pair of running shoes this week. I bought ASICS which I haven't worn in a few years. I used to buy my shoes in a size 7, sometimes even a 6.5. These new shoes are an 8.5. Two kids = two shoes sizes. Imagine how large my feet might be if I were to have more children!

What do you dress your feet in to run?


Chelle said...

I am a Saucony loyalist. Other than a brief sting in some Nikes that didn't work out, I've been a true Saucony lover all these years. Saucon Grid 3D. I love 'em. And I agree that a new pair of running shoes is the best. I love the smell of new shoes.... the anticipation of all the places those shoes will take me. Congrats on your new pair.

Polliwog said...

I've been a Saucony fan myself (most recently trained in Omnis) for the past year or two, but decided to switch it up (seeing as I'd had a foot injury along the way) and tried Brooks Adrenalin for my taper and the marathon. I might just stick with them after the awesome race they gave me. I'm lovin' those babies. Oh, and I don't leave home without a set of PowerStep insoles in my sneakers!

JP said...

ASICS seem to be the best for my feet so far. I'm new to the game...but my (high) arches have been doing really well in them. :)