Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Back, Baby!

I have been dreading the time change of our running group. 5:30am comes way too soon (5am if you count getting up to pump or feed Bryce) and I don't like the dark. Mostly I was nervous about keeping up with our group. Suzie, I think you would agree that we have a faster than average group. I have always been the slowest, and since having the baby I have really had to hang back. It has been great when there are other people there that are more my pace. So, today, I was a little intimidated, but I just went for it. I knew I was running faster than comfortable, but I decided I wanted to see what I could do. It definitely wasn't "fun," and there wasn't any conversation (because I was barely breathing!), but I did it!! We averaged 8:42 pace (Kirsten's said 8:36) for 5.25 miles! I couldn't do this every day, and I wouldn't want to, but I am just glad to know I can. I missed you, Suzie. Thanks for all of your support. It IS getting better!

3 weeks til St. George...

How are you feeling, Polliwog? I am so excited for you!!


Chelle said...

You guys are getting CLOSE! woo hoo. I am so glad you are feeling good. I'll say it again, I am amazed at what you all are doing so soon after having babies. Inspired!

Suzie Petunia said...

I'm glad I didn't show up today... I probably wouldn't have been able to keep up! You are doing AWESOME, Kelly!

cherl said...

Kelly, you really are doing an unbelievable job with this running come back. I'm continually blown away with the distances and now this fantastically fast 5+ miler. I had my baby before you and I am nowhere close to where you are. It's pretty amazing how well you are doing! You are going to do great at your marathon! I can't believe it's just 3 weeks away.

Has the tapering madness started yet for you and Suzie?? That's a tough period.

[Note to self: Find a group to run with. Soon.]

M&M said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I had a couple of weeks where I was not doing so well, so I am just glad to be enjoying running again.

Cherl- If I remember right you had an unplanned C-section. That is SO much harder to recover from than a planned one, in my opinion. You are doing awesome. I can't wait to meet up at a race sometime.

Suzie- Your natural speed amazes me. I know I slow you down. :-)

Chelle- It is pure lunacy what I am doing right now.