Thursday, September 20, 2007

Post-marathon blues

I was glad to see that polliwog had a great marathon. I think I have a picture of me and my family in the same spot as the one you posted! I also ran the logan marathon and although it was an overall good experience I don't think I'd run the Logan again. All that winding through the streets the last 6 miles or so really got to me. But I was so glad my sister joined me at mile 23. Although I was in no condition to chat, just having her there really helped me through. I finished in 3 hours 59 minutes and 25 seconds!!! I wanted to do it in around 4 hours so I was happy with that. One thing I wished I would have done differently- not drank so much water before the race. By mile 2 I had to pee so bad but there were always lines at the outhouses. Finally mile 10 I had to stop. That added a good 2minutes to my time. My mile splits were all over the place though. Down through the canyon i was everywhere from 8:05 to 8:57. My splits got progressively slower unitl the last mile. I think I just wanted to be done! It feels good to have done it and I can't say that I'll be doing one any time soon but I definitely want to try and beat my time. I'd think I want to do one at the altitiude I'm used to training at. Portland elevation- Sea level, Logan elevation at start of race -around 5200 feet. I think that really affected me. Anyways, Sarah and Kelli, I'm planning on running on Friday. I have definitely been jonesin' to run but have made myself rest. Thanks for inviting me to join your blog. This is a new thing for me!


M&M said...

Yeah for Pokygirl!! I am glad you are joining us. I love your perspective and great race!!

Sounds like you didn't LOVE the course, but I am ecstatic for you! Let us know when you want to train for another one. You rock!

Suzie Petunia said...

I'm sorry that your first marathon wasn't everything you were hoping for. There isn't much you can do about a course you don't care for, but your time was great anyway! We're very proud of you and hope you'll do more. I can't wait to hear all the details...

Polliwog said...

Pokygirl-Congrats on a great race. Impressive time, too. It is a little disheartening to have to run the worst of the course last, I totally agree. I have nothing to compare it to, though ;)

So I ran for the first time today--nothing fancy, just 2 miles, 10 minute pace, on the treadmill. Yikes! Just after a mile I started feeling it in my hips, my feet, and a knee. I kept on through the 2 miles because, hey--who can't eke out a measly 2, right?--but my poor hips are hating me today. I'm taking tomorrow off and hoping I can do 2 on Saturday. What's my problem?

Chelle said...

Welcome Pokygirl! Congrats on a great race with a stellar finishing time. So glad that you are joining in.

I can relate to the post-marathon blues. For me there was definetely a feeling of "so now what?" when it was over.

Polliwog, isn't that crazy where you can barely squeeze out two miles after running 26 just a week ago? We really do demand a lot from our bodies, I think sometimes they let us know that!

p.s. I just realized that Cherl and I are the only ones that aren't going by a cute nickname.... (suzie petunia, m&m, polliwog). Will you all call me 'Grease Lightening' from nnow on? : D