Friday, October 26, 2007

The Story of the Prodigal Runner

That would be-- ME, the negligent, non-supportive person who hasn't been posting on this website, even though I love it!

I've started running more, which means I will post more. I needed some time off to heal a hip injury and a blogging addiction that needed some balance and perspective.

I simply can't go through every post and comment.... but I'm reading! And excited! This blog is growing and expanding and it's wonderful. I'm secretly wishing that we can all meet here next summer and make a Wasatch Back team (same thing as Hood to Coast Relay, except it's in Salt Lake). Don't many of you have Utah connections? Plan your trip around the Wasatch Back and OH MY what fun we would have! It doesn't hurt to throw it out here as an option, right? : )

Can't wait to read more of your runnin' adventures.

EDITED to add these two links:

Link #1 My race report from running this awesome race this past June

Link #2 Their website

CHECK THEM OUT! Plant the seed! Set the goal! Am I convincing anyone?
We would seriously have SO much fun! (I just rhymed)


JP said...

Wouldn't that be fantastic?!?

cherl said...

Glad you are back. :)

Team Hanni said...

Some of my running buddies (here in SE Idaho) were trying to plan a Wasatch Back team too - we didn't have enough for this summer. My husband and I would love to run it sometime. It would be so fun!

Chelle said...

I really think we could pull one together. It would be such a blast. OK. It's official. I've set the goal! : )

M&M said...

I am so glad to see you back Chelle. I am happy to hear your hip is better. I LOVE this blog!

I am SO in for the Wasatch Back. It is my 30th year and I think I have already asked for 10 different presents (Lasik, new car, new house...) so what's one more? :-)

Team Hanni- I need your email so you can post! We love having you hear!

JP said...

Please explain the event to the Newbie. Better yet, I'll try to look it up.

(I get the theory...just don't know anything else about it.)

SeanandJess said...

I don't know anything about it either, but definitely have some Utah connections.

Team Hanni said...

I am convinced!!! What an accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your story - I'm pumped to climb the hills.

Ang said...

Let's do it!!