Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Excited to train!

So, I think I picked my training program. Suzie hooked me up with a guy who is almost as obsessed with running as I am to help me get faster (and someday qualify for Boston...). He recommends the Hal Higdon advanced program. I used the beginner program for my first marathon and also after having Bryce and I was very happy with it. So, my plan is to start this week (which I did, do weeks 1-3, then repeat weeks 1-3 and then continue with week 4 the week of the Nookachamps 1/2 marathon. Then I will be on schedule for SLC- woo hoo!! I did a tempo run last night and it felt so good to push myself!

So, who is with me? Who thinks I am a little nutso?!

In more exciting news, my new Garmin should be here today!


Roxanne said...

I think it sounds great. I have used Hal Higdon training schedules a lot and I really like them. The speed work is the main way to get faster. I also noticed that running a lot of steep hills works as well. I really noticed an improvement in my time and strength. I think for my next marathon I will combine the intermediate and advanced schedules for my training. I don't think you are crazy, you are taking it to the next level. I wish I were still there but hey you can always work back up right! And for those of you who do not have a Garmin Forerunner the 305 model is on sale on Costco website for $179.00. I wish I didn't already have the 205 (my husband bought it for me on mothers day, and of course he didn't look for a good deal, so this just kills me).

cherl said...

I see Roxanne has seen the same Garmin deal at Costco. I hope you found a similar deal, Kelly!

Chelle said...

Kelly that training plan is scaring me. A LOT! I'm going to check out intermediate and compare it to the advanced and then make my decision. But I'm IN and I do not think you are nutso- I think you're awesome and motivating to me! : )