Thursday, November 29, 2007

great deal on a Garmin 305

I saw this on another running forum. FANTASTIC deal if you are in the market for one!

This is a pretty amazing deal - but you must act fast - in ends 11/30.
Costco has the Garmin Forerunner on sale for $179.99 - web only.
If you go here: and sign up for the free Power Bar newsletter they give you a $50 rebate.
This drops the price of the Forerunner down to $129.99 plus tax, shipping is included.
This price is unheard of.


M&M said...

Thanks for posting this! I found out about this on Thanksgiving, so I ordered it and it came in today! Now I have to send in my rebate. The rebate only goes until Nov. 30th, so you have to act quick!

amypete said...

Thanks for the tip! Had my hubby order mine today. Yeah! (I'm Polliwog's friend. Haven't completed my marathon yet -- pregnant this year -- but planning on a half next spring.)

Erin said...

Any Suggestions on getting a rebate coupon? I can't register on Power Bar. The Garmin Website says that you can have 5 reabates per customer. Does anyone else have an extra copy of the rebate?
Does it have to be purchased by 11/30/07 or does the rebate have to be sent by 11/30/07?

Team Hanni said...

I'm so sad we don't have a Costco close..... What a deal!

Erin said...

Thanks for the coupon Jana...Let me know if you want me to order you one and you can pay me back. I'll use my costco card.

Can I just say Merry Christmas to me. I told my mom about it and she said she wanted one too and then she said she would get mine for me for Christmas! What? Hurray! I am so excited. I love the idea of really knowing how far I more guessing or making excuses or trying to clock my route in my car. How fun! Now you will all have to teach me how to use it! I'm still waiting to post my race results, but I haven't been accepted as a member of Marathon Mommies everyone put your word in for far I'm only a 4-mile mommy, but I'm working on it...I promise! I'm hoping to become a marathon mommy like all y'all. And I just registered my husband and I for a 5K on New Years Eve. It starts at 11:30 pm and it is called Beat the New Year. And if you finish before get a plaque. I sure hope I finish in time so that I can get a big sweaty kiss from my super fast at running husband Scott when the clock strikes 12. ;)

If any of you are is in SLC and I can find the link for you if you are interested...let me know.

M&M said...


I am glad you got a coupon from Jana. Jana, it is through, not the actual Costco so if you want one, buy it today!!

I am sending my rebate today and I used my Garmin for the first time today. Unfortunately I used it on the treadmill not outside because I didn't wake up. :-(

Ang said...

Is everyone sure that the rebate can be used for internet purchases? I don't see anything on the rebate that says no, but I want to be sure. :)

Erin said...

Erin Peterson,

Thank you for contacting Garmin International. You may access our current Forerunner 305 and Edge 305 promotions if you sign up for the PowerBar free nutrition newsletter. (Note: You must purchase/order the unit on or before 11/30/07, and then postmark your rebate submission no later than 12/30/07.)

I have provided the link below.

When you sign up for the free newsletter, you will then see a pop up window with the rebate offer. Go ahead and click on the pop up and immediately print out the rebate form at that time. If you have a pop up blocker, I recommend temporarily allowing pop ups so that you can access the rebate pop up.

Please note that you may receive this rebate and purchase your unit at a local store or online.

Garmin recommends making copies of your paperwork for your own records. A copy of the receipt will suffice for Garmin warranty purposes.

You will need to print out the rebate coupon and complete it with your serial number information. You will have either an 8 or 9 digit serial number. Send in this form along with your original UPC bar code cut out from the bottom of the product box. Tape the UPC to your completed rebate form.

Be sure to submit your original dated itemized receipt. If you purchase the unit online, you may submit the packing slip, invoice, or the email order confirmation in place of the original dated itemized receipt. The document sent must have the authorized dealer name, the date of purchase, the item purchased, and the price paid.

Please note that WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAY PAL RECEIPTS. The rebate offer is not valid for the purchase of newly overhauled/refurbished units.

Or you may use the link below to locate your local dealers.

Erin said...

Hope that last comment helps. I am totally skeptical, so I emailed the company. Looks like it is a go! PS I love your sister Ang. She totally takes such great care of my kids. It is so much fun having her live with me!!! She has been going to the gym every morning with Scott...I'm the one trying to get my run in at night.

Love ya!

Troy Tarpley said...

I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 305 on November 26,2007. I am trying to get the rebate form, but the PB site is not showing it when I register for the newsletter. (All pop-up blockers are turned off.)

Does anyone have a copy they can email me to ?
I would be so grateful, as I'd hate to miss out on $50!

Thank you,


Troy Tarpley said...

Cancel that last request. I found it online.

Thanks anyway.

Micheline said...

Ohhh, would someone PLEASE email me the rebate form. I can't get it to come up on PowerBar...and it's irking me. That $50 would sure be nice to get back...but we have to have it postmarked by Sunday. HELP PLEASE!!!

Micheline said...

p.s. email is..

sierraroserunningclub AT gmail DOT com