Thursday, November 29, 2007

If I'm registered, will I run?

I've been talking about it but finally committed myself two days ago and registered for the Eugene Marathon (Ore.) on May 4th. I haven't been running regularly and haven't been feeling very motivated to run at all. I've run 6.5 miles this month so far. Seriously. That is it. I decided to register for the full marathon and hope that having this looming out there will encourage me to run and maybe even actually train. I think I've just joined Kelly in the "a little nutso" crowd. ;-)


M&M said...

I am so glad you registered Cherl! I just wish it was to run SLC with us. :-( But I am happy for you and our marathons will be close together. I didn't register yet, because I like to make sure that life doesn't get in the way. (Like a surprise pregnancy, for instance!) I am very excited for you.

Getting the Garmin 305 today also will renew my enthusiasm! I am such a tech geek, I have missed seeing my runs on the computer. So, I can't wait for tomorrow's run-woo hoo!

And, yes, I did the Costco deal. In fact the day I heard about it I ordered it and Jeff said, "Merry Christmas!!" Ha ha! He usually buys my gadgets for me.

Suzie Petunia said...

Hooray for Cherl! I think registering for a race is the best thing to get my butt in gear and pound the pavement.