Monday, December 03, 2007

Run-for-the-Bling, Day 3

foxy: 1
team hanni: 1

chelle: 1
ang: 1
cherl: 1
m&m: 2
suzie petunia: 1
annie: 1
polliwog: 2

m&m and polliwog are neck-and-neck, but it is still anyone's game!

This tally includes the 2 comments left by annie and polliwog after the previous post. I'll be better about posting the daily contest post near the beginning of the day so there is no confusion. Please correct me if you have run more than this since the contest began on Saturday, December 1.

email me at suziepetunia at gmail dot com.

It is never too late to enter the contest. But here is a question for everyone... Does ANYONE run on Sundays in our group? I don't and I've noticed many of you do not. I just didn't want to exclude anyone if they did.

Click here for complete rules and a picture of the fabulous Run-for-the-BLING prize! If you ran today (Monday, December 3) be sure to let us know in the comments.


Ang said...

Monday Ang ran 6.4 miles.

Ang said...

P.S. I am a night runner, so I won't be reporting until late. Just so you know. I'm not cheating. :)

Chelle said...

I ran on Monday -- a 4 miler.

And may I say, for the record... that even if I do not win the red and white bracelet featured as the prize, it is with GREAT satisfaction that this proud University of Utah Alum (go Utes!) feels to think that there is a possibility that a BYU Cougar fan (you know who you are) might win, and wear, said red-and-white bracelet! --hee hee--

Even if your Cougs did win the game a few Saturdays ago....I still love my Utes!

(Just thought I'd add a little spice to the competition.)

JP said...

And also for the record? Chelle cracks me up. The End.

p.s. Sometimes I run on Sundays...this may make me the only heathen in the group. And that how you spell heathen???

Chelle said...

re: heathen... I've been called that... yet I still couldn't help you out with the spelling. ; )