Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday - Run-for-the-Bling Update

foxy: 1
team hanni: 1

chelle: 2
ang: 2
cherl: 1
m&m: 2
suzie petunia: 1
annie: 1
polliwog: 2

I'll be better about posting the daily contest post near the beginning of the day so there is no confusion. Please correct me if you have run more than this since the contest began on Saturday, December 1.

email me at suziepetunia at gmail dot com.

It is never too late to enter the contest. But here is a question for everyone... Does ANYONE run on Sundays in our group? I don't and I've noticed many of you do not. I just didn't want to exclude anyone if they did.

Click here for complete rules and a picture of the fabulous Run-for-the-BLING prize! If you ran today (Monday, December 3) be sure to let us know in the comments.


SeanandJess said...

I do not run on Sundays.

Team Hanni said...

I ended up doing my elliptical yesterday. Ever since my long run Saturday, I am in a lot of pain. I think I have a gall stone.... Has anybody experienced a horrible pain underneath their right rib that makes it hard to breathe for a few days??? Maybe I'm the only strange one here. Anyway, I fly to CA on Thursday for the Rose Bowl Half, and I'm nervous about this little situation. I'd love to be running for the bling this week, but I think I better stick to the elliptical....

Any advice???

foxontherun said...

I ran on tuesday

Polliwog said...

I ran this morning (tues). My treadmill and I are getting cozy ...

M&M said...

Suzie and I did a crazy treadmill test today to find our lactate threshold. I don't completely understand what it all means, but it was fun in a demented kind of way. I am not sure how far I ran, but I pushed myself to the edge that's for sure.

Chelle- said BYU fan would LOVE to wear the Ute colors proudly. :-)

M&M said...

team Hanni- I am sorry about your pain! That sounds awful. I would definitely take it easy and hopefully it will get better. Keep us posted.

SeanandJess said...

I ran today (Wednesday)