Thursday, December 06, 2007

Top 5 reasons to run in the bitter cold

#5 I get to wear a face mask for the first time in my life.
#4 The soft snow pack acts as a great shock absorber rocking my 5-month old babe gently to sleep.
#3 D.C. drivers actually stop traffic so I can run across the road. I think they are all so shock to see a mother and two children out on snowy icy roads that they feel sorry for me.
#2 Steering the jogging stroller just got a lot easier now that it's on ice.
And the # 1 reason I run in the bitter, snowy and icy cold (did I mention it's cold?):
#1 Running down hill just got a lot more exciting. With icy roads, I've never run (or shall we say "skiied") that fast down a hill in my life! It was pretty terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I'm so glad my two-year-old thought it was "planned entertainment". He loved it!

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Polliwog said...

Okay, I officially dub you Crazy Running Lady. I am in awe of your dedication. I thought I was pretty amazing for running in 8 degrees one time in Michigan, but the walks were clear and I had no stroller, let alone getting the kids ready and out the door. Superwoman, I hope you win the bling!

Erin said...

You are so Awesome! I have such a hard time running with my kids. It seems so much harder to push a jogger while I it in my head or does it really take more effort. I think that you are brave and wonderful for getting out their in the snow with your kids!

cherl said...

Erin- it takes lots of practice and flat, smooth roads are easiest!

Annie- did you run with your son at 5 months also in the Chariot? I just recently took my daughter out with me in a BOB jogger at 6 months, but I'm not comfortable with taking her in the Burley just yet.

BTW, your run sounds like quite the winter urban running adventure!

SeanandJess said...

Wow!! Now I really feel like a wimp. I have been having a hard time getting up to run in the mornings because it is too's a freezing 50 degrees in the morning here in Phoenix!

forceps said...

Yeah and it will take me several days to recover from today's high adventure run before I get out and run in the cold again. I really was feeling pretty tough but let's be honest, there's no way I could brave the elements like I did today EVERY day...forget it. This was a novelty, really.

Annie said...

Opps, I just posted the last comment and was accidentally logged on under my husband's account. That last comment was from me, Annie.

poky girl said...

Too cute! Your son looks thrilled to be having such an adventure.

Ang said...

You go girl!!!

Super cute kids by the way.

Suzie Petunia said...

You are CRAZY!- MY kind of crazy! That sounds like a very fun time with the kids. You are awesome!