Monday, January 07, 2008

And the Winner Is...

After I had my team of CPA's over at Arthur-Anderson carefully calculate the results, I am officially declaring a TIE for our Run-for-the-Bling Contest for December 15-31. Congratulations, Sarah K. and Ang! Both of you ran 12 days and that makes YOU our winners!

OK, so the truth is that there were no CPA's involved and I barely passed my last math class in high school... soooo... if any of you ran 12 days and I somehow missed it, please let me know. I'm hatching a new plan to keep better track this next time around.

Congrats, sarah k. and ang! Email your mailing addresses to me at suziepetunia at gmail dot com and I'll send you the BLING!

See details for the new contest below.


sarah k. said...

WooooHooooo! Although I don't know if I can accept, since my grand total of miles is probably about the same as what Ang runs in a day. Honestly though, I don't know if I would have gone on those 4 degree days if it weren't for the contest. And I did get up to 7.1 miles on Saturday. That's farther than I've gone in more than 2 1/2 years!

Team Hanni said...

Congrats Sarah and Ang!

Sarah - Way to go on your long run Saturday. What an accomplishment!

Ang & everyone running this Saturday- I wish I could join the fun!!! We were checking the race website out last night. So fun that you all get to meet!!!

M&M said...

Congrats to both of you!! I was kind of a slacker. :-)

Sarah- Great job! The distance does not matter, just that you are getting out there. And 7.1 miles is awesome!

Ang- Can't wait to meet you on Saturday. I hope I am ready for this.

Team Hanni- We wish you could be there too.

SeanandJess said...

Congratulations girls. That's great!

Ang said...

Yayayaaayayayayayaaayay! I'm so excited. I will wear my bling with pride!!

Sarah, you are so silly. I think you should get both blings because you were out in 4 degree weather!!! YIKES. I was running at the gym or in about 40 degree weather! And 7.1 miles is a huge accomplishment! Way to go.

M&M and Suzie,
I CAN NOT WAIT for this weekend!! I have run so many races alone. To have full fledged running buddies is a dream come true! Can't wait to meet you!

Team Hanni,
You know I wish you could come (along with all the rest of our cyberspace running buddies). I'm putting your "I know we're cool" song on my ipod to remind me of you. :)