Thursday, January 10, 2008


Does anyone know why you can not use liquid fabric softener on your running clothes? Does this mean I can't use my Tide with a touch of Downy detergent on my running clothes? It's the only detergent I have at the moment, but I don't want to ruin my things. What do you think Mommies??

And P.S. Where do you all carry you gel packs during races? How many do you use during a half marathon? I only have space for one packet (a zipper in the back of my skirt thingy) and I think I want to have two.


M&M said...

Hey Ang,

I have never heard the liquid detergent thing, and I just barely switched-I better check that out!

As far as the gels, I think 2 is good for the half. You can safety pin one to your skirt. Or one of our running partners (foxy's hubby) duct taped his to his shirt, ha ha!!

Can't wait to meet up with you!

Janice said...

I haven't heard that you can not use liquid fabric softener on running clothes. I wash all of my clothes the same and use Downy Pure Essentials! Why is it that my work out clothes cannot be washed the same?

Ang said...

My tags on my special running clothes (polyester/wicking) say not to use fabric softener. I have no idea why??

Suzie Petunia said...

The fabric softener damages the special "wicking" properties of the technical shirts. That's what I understand. I don't think you notice a huge difference initially, but after a while you might.

sarah k. said...

Here's an article on washing training clothes.

The oils and surfactants in the fabric softener clog the fibers of the cloth, which then makes them less hyrophobic, mixes with the sweat, and is a breeding ground for the bacteria that make it stink.

I've had good success with wearing my shirts into the shower, (I know how funny that sounds) and rinsing them out really well. Since sweat is water soluble, it all comes out. Then I just hang the shirt up to dry.

I use a little shampoo if it really needs it.

sarah k. said...

Dang it, that link didn't work. Here's another try.

Washing running clothes

sarah k. said...

Also, I've never carried gel packs. I've only done 2 half marathons, and both of them provided gel packs at the drink stations. I only took one once. During the other one, I just drank the water. I only ever carry my watch.

I got some nice capri tights from, and they have a little pocket in the back for stuff like that. It doesn't jiggle, either.

Ang said...

Thanks everyone!! Looks like I'll be switching detergents real soon!

Suzie Petunia said...

Dang! Is THAT why my running clothes stink so bad? I like the idea of wearing them in the shower. I'm sure my husband will make fun of me though. :)

kristi said...

i use every detergent and softener and have not had any problems - but maybe i have not noticed

when i ran the marathon i saftey pinned the gel to my shorts and shirt and then you just rip it off when you need it.