Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't Forget!

The Spirit of the Marathon movie is playing this coming Thursday!!! If you checked before and it wasn't playing at a theatre near you, check again. They have added several theatres! For instance, it wasn't playing near Idaho Falls before, but it is now. I have my ticket already and am so excited! Let's all go to the movie together in spirit. :)


Jen said...

The WRFDJ girls are going! We all have our tickets to the theatre in SLC on 33rd and state! Where are you guys all going?

foxontherun said...

Us Oregonians are going that would be suzie, m&m, foxy, and smith. We will all be attending in spirit. I used to live by 33rd and state.

Ang said...

I am going to the Federal Way Theatre in Washington. The Seattle theatre is sold out! My SIL Lindsay and my friend Debbie are going with me. (They were the girls that did the half with M&M and me last weekend.)