Monday, January 21, 2008

How YOU Doin'?

Weekend long run updates, start..... NOW!

I can guarantee that yours went better than mine. Mine didn't happen. I hit a little snag this weekend. I woke up Saturday morning with a mild case of stomach trouble (remember last week's topic of what can happen post-run? Well, it happened pre-run for me) so I decided to postpone my run for this morning. My kids don't have school (MLK Jr. Holiday) so I was ready to tackle it. I woke up this morning and looked outside while I was getting dressed. Six inches of freshly fallen snow..... and it's still falling -- all blizzardy. So here I am-- with my long run un-done.

Winter training makes things interesting, doesn't it?

Leave your updates below. Inspire me!


Kera said...

Hey, kera here from willrunfordesignerjeans. I have a 14 month old that I hate taking out in the winter like this...can you believe today!?! Do you know of any indoor tracks in SLC that I can take a jogging stroller? ps...Which theater are you guys going to see the movie at Thursday?

sarah k. said...

My best friend came to visit from Tennessee for the weekend, and she is not a runner. At first I was worried that I wouldn't get to run at all, but then I decided to do a shorter run while she showered. With the wind-chill, it was 3 degrees.

I decided to run pretty hard, especially when I saw a group of guys running pretty slow. Of course I had to pass them. I even changed my route so I could kick their trash and keep going where they could see me for a long time.

I ended up running 3.6 miles in 31 minutes, including a very slow warm up. So I was doing about 8:30/mile, which is still amazingly hard. When I finished, I was sooo nauseated, just like when I race.

Jen said...

WRFDJ girls did 11 miles on Saturday! Wahooo! And wow, are we STILL feeling it today.

foxontherun said...

Sorry Chelle about your illness. That is exactly what I had last Saturday. But this past saturday was a good 13 miles in the cold. At least there was no rain. I was pooped for the rest of the day. I hear you did great sticky nikki. Great job! It was nice meeting you.

Sticky Niki said...

I had an AMAZING long run on Saturday....a little over six miles (my longest run yet), but here's the kicker. It was outside, with hills, and I didn't have to walk once! (I'm a treadmill runner and fan.) A huge, huge, huge thank you to Suzie and M&M for slowing way, way, way down to run with me. And thank you, was nice meeting you too. I hope to see you again another early Saturday morning.

M&M said...

Niki, you beat me to this post! I, too, LOVED our Saturday run. I am so proud of you, especially for not having to walk. Thanks for letting us be a part of your training, it was so fun, and I definitely look forward to running again with you. I can't wait to keep hearing about your training.

My run was 14 miles total, and it was awesome! I definitely started getting tired at the end, but I loved running with friends. So, thank you Suzie and Niki!!

Chelle, I am sorry to hear about your illness. Not fun. You will be back at it soon enough. Keep us posted.

WWRDJ-Woo hoo, 11 miles, you guys rock!!

Sarah- Good job on the fast workout. I think those are tougher than the long slow ones sometimes.

Foxy- How are you feeling? It was fun to see you for part of the run. Someday we will run together again. (Maybe after Boston when you don't have to run so fast!)

Ang said...

Hey girls!

I had a hard 12 miles on Sat. I woke up at 7am and was out the door at 7:30. My runs during the week are at night on the treadmill-at least in the winter. My body just wasn't quite ready to be running. My friend Debbie who is also training for a marathon ran with me. (She is no longer doing the SLC marathon, she has opted for the Tacoma Marathon in May.) It was fun to have a running buddy! And I was feeling pretty good by mile 6. AND I too was very grateful it didn't rain!

Way to go Sticky Niki! Doesn't it feel awesome to run a distance that is the furthest you've ever gone!!

Sarah K.
I love that you showed the boys up! Totally something I could imagine myself doing.

Chelle, I hope you are feeling better really really soon!!!!

Way to go everyone!!!

Chelle said...

Kera, I wish I knew of an indoor track that you can use a jogging stroller -- but I just don't know. Does Sports Mall? I guess I'm not even familiar with very many indoor tracks in SLC. Good luck.

On another note, I think your blog site is adorable!

Suzie Petunia said...

Ditto to Sticky Niki and M&M! I LOVED our run together. I hope we get to do it many more times!