Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Exercise has to be a priority for me,
because there are 100 things that seem to get in the way

the other morning the last thing I wanted to do was go running. Here are a few reasons why.

  • It was cold outside.
  • The thought of getting all three of us dressed was exhausting to even think about. (it took me 45 mintues to just get out the door)
  • My ipod did not have enough juice to last a run, and for some reason my computer is not recognizing it anymore and i can't get it charged. ( i need some techno training)
  • My house needs a post-Christmas deep clean
  • The laundry needs to be done
  • It was windy outside.
  • I would be taking my two littles
  • The thought of pushing that double jogger in the cold wind!
  • Could not find the Garmin - I am kind of obsessed about tracking my mileage
But there was one reason to go.

Thank goodness for the Babyjogger wind guard or else the girls would have really turned into Popsicles.

The weather was warm, cold, warm, cold. I had my jacket on, jacket off, gloves on, gloves off.
good thing the weather was warmer when we ran by the park. I usually detour the park street so they don't see it, but kind of forgot, so I was mom of the year and let them get out and swing a bit.but then got punished because the only way i could get them back in the stroller was give up my ipod. they were singing high school musical the rest of the way. (should I be worried sally jane sings the line "pink prada tote" - yes I should!)it wouldn't be a run without one of my littles dropping their soupie on the street, screaming for 5 minutes, and then me finally stopping to ask them what is wrong, and then me back tracking half a mile to find it.
We went through town center and stopped at Starbucks for some ice water for me and doughnuts & chocolate mile for the girls
( feeding my kids healthy foods is not one of my strong points)
I was thrilled to use some of my Christmas money to finally buy normal headphones for my ipod. I have the smallest ear canals on the planet and have had a hard time finding ones to fit in my ear that don't cost $100. For the past year I have worn the total 80's headband ones that cost $5.99. So I was totally excited to try them out along with the new pink hat and gloves Jeff gave me for Christmas.
Even though I conquered exercising today, tomorrow will be another battle I am sure to convince myself of such activity. I ran my 5 mile loop through, wind, sun, cold, warm and ended in wind - it was like "weather gone wild"

I think it is worth noting this comment that was put on my personal blog. I had posted this running post a few days ago on my blog and below is a comment I got from a friend in the UK - so interesting.
from Amanda:)
Here in the UK, you'd rarely see a mum jogging outdoors, and it's even rarer to see one jogging with a stroller. We have some kind of British embarrassment over 'being seen' to be trying to improve the Self. I know some mums who run indoors, in gyms, on treadmills, but they'd never dream of running outdoors. I saw 2 mums from school jogging last summer, fairly regularly, and secretly admired them for it - but soon after I heard other mums gossiping about it ('Did you see them running? Down the road??') as if it was really odd. That saddened me. I don't know if those 2 mums sensed the disparagement, because I haven't seen them run together (or singly) for a long time.

and a huge congrats to another marathon mom who just finished her first marathon this week. Don't be shy in leaving her a comment and telling her how awesome she is! Way to go Holly You are awesome!!


Ang said...


You are so awesome for getting out in those conditions!!! It is so hard to get out when the weather is crazy and on top of that to have to push a double jogger. Ahhh. You are my hero.
PS. I don't know if you saw my detailed race report, but I wrote on my feet last weekend for my half marathon- totally copied from you! Thanks for the idea. It was fun!

cherl said...

It's pretty impressive that you run with a double jogger. Your girls aren't that little! How much weight are you pushing (jogger included)? My youngest is 8 months and I'm dying to get her into the Burley with her brother for runs. It won't be long now but I wonder just how hard it'll be. ? Pushing my 2.5yo son in the BOB jogger isn't a problem, but the two?? Yikes.

Team Hanni said...

I was having such a hard time getting my run done today. After reading your post, I have the much needed motivation to go. Thank you so much for helping me today!

kristi said...

ang - oh that is great!! i love it. congrats on your 1/2

cherl -
my girls together weigh over 50 pounds and the stroller has got to be 10, it is heavy but ads a new dimention of cross training.
i started my now 2 year old in there when she was 6 weeks and barely over 10 pounds - i had just bought the stroller and would take her for long walks about 6 miles. the sooner you start them in there the better, even though I was not running then (which only helps them when they are moving faster) she rarely complains about getting in and spend 2 hours in there.
when she was so little i just rolled up lots of blankets to hold her head up, but now they make all those fancy things with cute fabric taht do the same thing.
hope this helps.

Suzie Petunia said...

You are a hero, Kristi! There are so many cold days with so many other things in the way. Getting everything together so you can accomplish something so worth while is a great feat! I go early, early in the morning to run just so I don't have to push a stroller. You are definitely getting a better workout than I am - probably burning twice as many calories and getting an upper body workout. Plus you're making memories with your sweet little ones. (And they are adorable, by the way.)

I had no idea running was so taboo in the UK. That is really too bad. You should direct that commenter to our Marathon Mommies site so we can give her positive encouragement to run and break the stereotype. We can start a world-wide revolution! :)

JP said... amaze and inspire me.