Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome to Marathon Mommies!

Thanks to Erin for her great idea to do a tribute run for President Hinckley, we have had many new visitors! We are so glad to have new readers and commenters. We look forward to sharing many more running experiences with all of you. This blog started as a way for two "real-life" friends and running partners, Suziepetunia and M&M, to communicate with each other our joys and frustrations as we trained for the Ogden Marathon 2006. It has slowly turned into a forum where runners and moms of all levels and abilities share their experiences and support one another. We love it! It doesn't matter whether you are just starting to run and can only run to the mailbox, or whether you can run 26.2, all that matters is that you are out there! Please say hi and keep coming back to visit. Let us know if you have any questions you would like us to post.


Kelly (M&M)


Charity said...


I've got a question, thought maybe someone could give some suggestions. I've been running most of my life, have done most every kind of running race there is, all distances, but have been having a problem the past 8 months or so with my feet falling asleep on anything longer than about 5 miles. I've been wearing the same brand of shoe for about 10 years now, and have recently replaced my shoes to see if that would doesn't...any suggestions?


M&M said...

Hi Charity,
Welcome to our new Alaska friend!

Maybe you need a bigger shoe size? Do your legs feel heavy too? If so, then you are possibly running too fast.

foxontherun said...

I echo M&M I know as we get older and have babies etc sometimes our feet flatten or grow I don't know which but maybe try a bigger shoe size.

Charity said...

I tried a wider shoe...I guess that's what 3 kids will do to you...I've found that if I run/walk backwards for a couple of minutes then the feeling returns to my feet, this doesn't happen when I run 5K's...just longer than a 10K. I will head down to the local running store...ok, the ONLY running store and see if they have any suggestions...I'll keep you posted...thanks