Thursday, April 10, 2008

The "Other" Blog

I was just going to email suzie petunia with my question, but then I thought that maybe others could use an explanation too. (Or maybe not, I am admittedly a little slow to catch on.)

I am wondering what's up with the Moms That Run site? I've visited a few times, but there never seems to be any new content and I can't tell who the contributors are (maybe there aren't any yet?) or how to be a part of it. I love the idea and think it would be awesome to see it take off, but
I'm not sure how best to lend my support. I've read the explanation in the sidebar, but am still a tad confused (see, I told you I am slow). And commenting on the blog seems to be trickier than I'm used to. I wrote one, but it never appeared (or maybe it was deleted because it wasn't very good? lol)


Anonymous said...

I have wondered this as well- so I am glad you put it out there.

M&M said...

Hey Polliwog,
I am sure you are not the only one wondering this. :-)

We feel that the Marathon Mommies Blog is great for runners of all abilities, but that it might be overwhelming to a new runner just wanting to get started. We want Moms that Run to be a resource for everyone, but especially new runners. We envision having a site that has a wealth of knowledge about running from all of you/us who have experience. We will continue to put more content on the site and please send ideas for what you would like to see. I am not sure why your comment was deleted. I have approved any comment that wasn't an ad. :-) Keep checking back and there will be continued updates. Thanks for your patience and help as we work on the Moms that Run site.

M&M said...

Okay, so what I am trying to say is we have been slackers. :-) The marathon training has been taking up a lot of mental energy as well as the obvious physical energy, and we have not done with it what we had originally planned. So, just as I committed to the no-sugar challenge, I am committing to get this thing off the floor, with Suzie's help, of course.

Thanks for calling us on this and kicking our butts into gear. (Uh-oh, will that give us a PG-13 rating now?) And I really do mean it when I say we want everyone's input.

Polliwog said...

So as far as contributing content, do you want us to write it and then email it to you? Or do we fill out that form thing on the moms that run site? I am assuming you have decided against just giving all the marathon mommies posting rights on the other site? (because that seems easiest, though it may open up a can of worms and might be tough to manage)

I think it's a fabulous idea and I was certainly not trying to call you out to get to work. No way, not right before the big race!! I am sure it can wait a few weeks. ;)

Thanks for the clarification.