Monday, April 07, 2008

Running at 28 weeks!

Can I just say that I love this site! It has been so fun to feel the energy of the race getting closer and to hear about all the hard work you mommies have put in to get your bodies ready. I am so jealous (but also very happy for you)! I hope you keep the fire going because I will need you even more after I have this baby.

I figured it was time for an update considering it has been almost three weeks since I found out the half marathon was out of reach. I have done very little running during this time for several reasons. I was directed by my midwife to take at least two weeks completely off, which was hard for me to accept so I ended up getting really sick with influenza that pretty much forced me to rest. After recovering from this hellish sickness (I think it should be against the laws of nature to get sick on top of being pregnant) I felt encouraged because the pain in my pubic bone faded away. I was hopeful that I could run short distances and not feel it at all. Well, unfortunately that hasn't been the case but it definitely is not as bad now that I have given it time to heal. I have been taking it easy and making sure that I cross train (mostly spinning). It is up in the air right now as to how long I will be able to keep running. I am trying not to run very much before the race because I don't want to weaken my joint, which means that I am going to be a snail on race day.

I will have to admit that running at 28 weeks is really hard. I realized this past week that I have passed the pleasant middle stage of pregnancy and have entered the beached whale stage (you all know what I am talking about if you think about trying to turn over from side to side during the night, ahh). I am measuring at 38 1/2 inches, yes you read that right I am huge! Not only that but I am lugging around over thirty extra pounds already. I told you I wasn't one of those women who stay tiny and barely look pregnant. So I will warn you that running the 5k in Salt Lake is not going to be pretty. I hope this will be a motivator for any of you who are feeling intimidated or inadequate on race day. If I can do it anyone can!

I am so excited to cheer you all on at the finish line! I hope to make it to the pre-race party and meet all of you mommies. Team Hanni I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better! We will have to represent at the 5K as the pregnant mommies. Good luck every one!


M&M said...

Hey Roxanne,

Thanks for the update. I love following the pregnant women's training. As I mentioned before I was unfortunately not able to run at all after 8 weeks. So, I am living vicariously through you. :-) I am impressed with your drive to keep running. You are doing great and I can't wait to meet you. I am sure there are many pregnant women learning a lot from your experience.

Ang said...

You are AWESOME!!!!

Anniebananie said...

Hang in there, and remember that baby is WAY WORTH IT! can look forward to running the rest of your life! Happy trails...even if they aren't as long or as often as you want them right now!

Julia Wade said...

as a non-mommy, marathon mommy blog fan, i've always been so interested in what it will be like to run while pregnant, as it will more than likely happen one day. i'm assuming now that every BODY is different. run up until 8 weeks, 28 ... i had a friend who ran up until the day she delivered (with one of those holsters ...?) you guys are so motivating. thanks for the great blog. hope to one day join the ranks!

JP said...

funny...I am ALSO carrying around 30 extra pounds. So wishing I could say that it was due to pregnancy... LOL

Team Hanni said...


I am so SLOW right now, but it feels great to be able to do it. I can't wait to meet you and run with you. Thank goodness for cross-training, I usually do the eliptical.

It will be so great to enjoy the excitement of a race again. So glad you gave us an update.... I can't wait until next Saturday!!!

Suzie Petunia said...

Thanks for the great update. Your description of the discomforts of pregnancy - especially running while pregnant - brought back a lot of vivid memories. I am so impressed that you will be running the 5K. That is something I didn't even think about attempting! I can't wait to meet you, super mommy!