Thursday, April 03, 2008

Troubled Heart and Mind

When I signed up for the SLC marathon, it was under the assumption that my husband and I would be headed to the east coast in the fall for business school. Thus, when I ran the SLC marathon, the trip would serve two purposes. 1. Of course to run the marathon, and 2. To visit my husband's family one last time before we headed to business school.

Well, a few weeks ago we decided to head to BYU for business school, eliminating the need to take the whole family when I run the marathon.

What I'm getting at is the fact that my husband and two kids will not be at the marathon. We are going to use the money it would cost to fly them to SLC for a moving truck in July. There is no chance of getting them there for the marathon.

That is why my mind and heart are troubled. Every single vision I have in my head involving this marathon has them in it. I just can't imagine finishing without them there. It has hit me hard now that the marathon is just over two weeks away. It's starting to be a reality.

There are two options at this point in time.

1. Go without them and run it anyway. My mom, two sisters, two sisters in law, brother, and two cousins will be there. Along with all of you marathon mommies!! (Which I'm totally excited about.)I guess I could show the kids/hubby video and pictures of the event. Then the next one I run, I will make sure it is near where we live so they can be there. (This is my first marathon) And I have already bought a plane ticket.

2. I can skip SLC and run the Tacoma marathon three weeks later on May 10. It is a harder course due to mass amounts of hills. And I won't have my sisters and brother that would be there in SLC and the finish is so lame compared to SLC, from what I hear. But my husband and kids could be there. My kids are ages 2 and 4. The registration for this race is $80.00.

So I need your help? Those of you that have run a marathon before, how important do you think it is to have your husband and kids there? I will have plenty of other family in SLC. Which option would you pick if you were me?


Suzie Petunia said...

I think we're a little biased here at Marathon Mommies because a lot of us want to meet you in Salt Lake! I completely understand wanting to have your husband and family there. That is a tough one. If it helps... my husband and kids won't be with me either. Some of my extended family will be there though. And all of The Mommies will be with you. I hope you are there.

Erin said...

Um... just think how much fun it will be when you pass me on the course to finish your 26.2, while I still haven't finished my 13.1. Doesn't that make you drip and ooze excitement?

Okay second senario...

I know that a Marathon is a BIG deal...but I also know that you are in the best shape of your say you ran the SLC...and then followed it up with the one 3 weeks later by you (just take the 2nd one easier)...I mean, think about just ran 21 miles!

Okay, maybe that isn't a great idea...what if I get Scott to wait for you at the finish line in a speedo.

Wait a minute...(that was for me!)

Okay, stop over thinking this...

If you really want them there...stick with your first plan and just have them drive out. Cheaper than flying. Or just fly them out.

Okay...last, you have a huge cheering section that will be waiting for you at the finish line...all of us Hanni's and Peterson's that will be so proud of you and we will be cheering and crying and catch you when you collapse into our arms. SLC is the race for you. Your family will be with you no matter what, whether in heart, or mind...or via video camera!

I should be in bed...I'm sure I'm not making sense. Anyway, I love you and know that whatever you choose to do will be the right choice. Just remember that you are the glue for the rest of us! And YOU MATTER!

Julia Wade said...

i ran my first marathon by myself in alaska. my husband wasn't there. while it was hard to not have him there, my girlfriend jeni and i really bonded during that trip. while it is amazing to have them there for the support, the real support and understanding comes from the people who run WITH you. hope that makes sense.

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

Hy husband and kids won't be there either which I know is going to be hard... but we could hang with each other after if you want :)

M&M said...

You have put so much into your training and you are so ready for Salt Lake!! You will have so many people cheering you on, including all of us. :-) I know that is not the same, but if it means that much to you, maybe your hubby can drive out? Adding 3 weeks to your schedule now could burn you out and bring injury. We will support you in whatever decision you make, of course!! Keep us posted.

JP said...

I understand wanting your family to be there. Maybe this first marathon can be all about you? I don't know...whatever you decide, just make sure you heart is in it.

If/when you run SLC...I'll be a very excited part of your cheering section.

Chelle said...

I'll add my two cents. Although Salt Lake is my hometown, just by horrible luck, my husband had to leave for a mandatory conference the weekend of my very first marathon. I totally get how you are feeling right now -- I've been there.

Here is how it turned out: The one person (him) that I wanted there the most, wasn't there BUT it was an amazing bonding experience with my parents/brothers/sisters that came out in droves. I mean amazing. They got my kids ready, brought them along the course, cheered me through to the end. They became a central figure, since my central figure in life wasn't there. It was really cool. And my husband was at the finish line for the next one.

You see? This will make you run another one so he can have that beautiful moment with you.

Good luck in your decision.

Ang said...


Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and advice and cheerleading! Seriously, you have made me feel 100 times better about the situation!

I'm in for SLC!! And that's it. No more worrying about what I can no longer control. After all, there will be other marathons for the hubby and kiddos to attend! :)

M&M said...

Yeah Ang!! I am so happy to hear your decision. Can't wait to see you in SLC and cheer you on!

kristi said...

run both.. hee hee!