Friday, April 04, 2008

So, who's in?

It is time for the official count! (I sent in my registration today...)I would love to know exactly who is running the marathon, the half marathon or the 5k. Tell us your goal(s)! Let's cheer each other on!! It is always good to have more than one goal. I will start this off.

I am running the marathon.

1. To beat my last marathon time of 4:06.
2. To get a sub-4 marathon.
3. On a perfect day- qualify for Boston. (sub 3:40)

Alright, your turn!!

After that great run on Tuesday, I had a really bad run today. I will blog about it if figure out how to explain it. For now, just know I need the Mommies to help me get excited again!


Suzie Petunia said...

I am running the marathon and my goal is to run right next to you every step of the way... unless you speed ahead. Boston or Bust!

For those who don't know... Kelly (M&M) and I live near each other and train together.

Ang said...

I am 100% in for the marathon!!!

Goal #1. Get a time of 4:20 or less.

Goal #2. Just to finish the race without injury and to enjoy every single step along the way!!

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

I am in for the marathon!

This is my first so I really am just going to be happy finishing with any time.... but I would be extatic if I can finish between 4 to 4:30!

Roxanne said...

I am running the 5K and my goal is to enjoy all the family that will be running with me.

I also hope to run without hurting myself (for those of you who don't know I will be 29 weeks pregnant for the race). My pubic bone has been hurting a little this week so I have been taking it easy.

I mostly want to cheer on my two sisters who are running the half marathon for me(it will be their first)and to cheer for all you mommies.

Maggs said...

Hey guys, I am new to this blog and have not commented before now. I am running the 1/2 marathon. It's my first. The only other race I ran was a 10K. SO...wish me luck! My knee has been bothering me this last now I'm getting nervous about it. I wish the best for all you marathon runners! You are AMAZING!

Chelle said...

I am running the marathon. My goal is a finishing time that starts with a 3 and not with a 4!
That means 3:59:59 will fit the bill - ha ha.

So glad that it's just around the bend.

Cotter said...

i am running the half. really, i just hope to finish but i would also like to not be smoked by my father-in-law. that would really hurt my pride!

Anniebananie said...

I am running the marathon! I am aiming for the finish line and hoping to finish in 4 hours and 20 minutes. I am going to chant "Keep Moving Forward" in my head every time a negative thought pops up and I can do this!

M&M said...

I LOVE hearing everyone's goals!

Ang, Erin, and Annie- It sounds like you all have about the same goal. That would be awesome if you all run together.

I hope everyone is planning on meeting up at the pre-race party!

Keep telling us your goals, I know there are at least 23 of us running!

Mindy said...

I haven't really commented before, but I love reading this blog and find it inspiring! I'm running the half, and this will be my 2nd ever. Of course, since my first, I've moved to a different country and the climate has been, to say the least, a challenge. So, my goal is to finish and enjoy the beauty of Utah every step of the way!

JP said...

ahhh...Mindy and I have similar goals! (Slightly different obstacles.)

I am runnign the half. And dear me, I just want to finish...hopefully before the full marathoners! :) LOL

Team Hanni said...

YEAH Mindy! She is a marathon mommy training in Thailand!!! How cool is that?

I'm back.........I'm in......... a little slow........ but can't wait to experience a race (5K) again. I am tickled pink to be running again with my growing running partner.

Ang said...

Anniebananie and Erin,

Are you going to the shindig the night before at Suzie Petunia's parent's house? Because it sounds like we could be running partners! How fun is that! It would help if we knew who each other was huh! Also, are either of you staying at the Hilton??? (Or anyone else for that matter?)

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

Hi Ang~

I am staying at my parents house in Draper. About Friday night I am hoping to come... it really depends on the car wars going on at my parents place... but if anyone else at the south end of the valley is going and I could maybe catch a ride I will definatly be there!

Anonymous said...

I am running my first 1/2 and just want to take it all in and finish injury free. So excited!