Saturday, April 05, 2008

What's a taper?

For those of you who are running in Salt Lake on April 19, here is your friendly reminder: IT IS TIME TO TAPER! This means NO pushing it as hard as you can while out running. Today Kelly was chastised by her mentor about running too hard during the taper. We've decided that the only way to help her remember to not run too hard over the next 12 days is to make her wear this sign around her neck.

And just to be sure... I will wear it on my back while we are running and make her run right behind me so she doesn't forget: SLOW DOWN! Take it easy! Relax! It is time to let your body recover from all of the hard runs. You are in the best possible shape you can be in for this race. It is time to give your body a rest so it can give you 110% on race day. That goes for all of you crazy runners out there!

Ahhhh, I love to taper. This is the only time that we are told we HAVE to take it easy as runners. Enjoy your leisurely runs, ladies!


M&M said...

Sarah, you are in trouble for this! But, I did learn my lesson. I will take this week much easier and trust my training!! Enjoy your taper!

Chelle said...


Anniebananie said...

What a good reminder! Fun sense of humor too. Which I think is just as important as tapering. When I get to serious, I need some humor! Happy tapering!

Ang said...

So Funny!! But yes, it is a very good reminder!!

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