Saturday, May 03, 2008

Blister Control

It wasn't until the SLC 1/2 that I got my first really bad blister from running- it was killer! Since then, I have been trying different recommendations I have found online. First, I used my Sports Shield- something that I really like for chafing in other areas. It has been great for a shorter runs, but I find with more than 3-4 miles and it seems to rub off or I sweat it off or something. Someone recommended putting vaseline on before a run. I tried this, and I just couldn't stand the feeling of it. I will admit that I am a little weird on textures and the like, but even with the thin coat I put on, I just felt like my feet were kind of slimy under my socks. Gag. Ewww. Yuck. It worked though- I have to give it that.

But my favorite would be the Blister Block Stick- from the people at Band-Aid. I bought this little stick for my Seattle trip (found it at WalMart) and all the walking we were going to be doing. I love it! It has a light scent, the texture is perfect, it lasts and lasts, it is easy to apply- pretty much like a little deodorant stick, and it is small enough to put in a pocket. I am not one to usually push products at people, but I loved this and thought it selfish to keep to myself!

But out of curiosity- do you get blisters? What is your favorite preventative method?


marathon mom said...

I am lucky- I have yet to get a blister running, and I even wore a new pair of shoes to a marathon!
One of my running partners gets blisters and uses Glide. That has worked for her.

Maggs said...

I get blisters all the time and must admit that your blister block didn't help me much at the sl 1/2. I just bought double layer socks at the runners corner and I'm enjoying them so far...