Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pregnant & Racing

For those of you who are also pregnant (or ran while you were) what is the latest you ran in a race? I am almost 23 weeks. I ran a half at 21 weeks, and I know I won't be doing anything longer than that anymore. The things I have read online say many running moms hit a point when they just can't run as much, but most of them don't mention when that 'point' was. I know I can't do the 18 or 20 mile Saturday runs, mainly because of my bladder and how much more easily I tire out. I was thinking of signing up for another half and 2 10k's, in addition to the 5k's I am registered for.
So- how long did you run pregnant (and if you know moms that ran, how long for them)?
When did you feel it was time to just take it easy?


Roxanne said...

I am glad you posted this because this was always my big question. I am now 30+weeks pregnant and have worked really hard at running as long as possible with this pregnancy. I started to feel pain in my pubic bone and started feeling numb feet at about 24 weeks. I ran a long run (7miles)and hurt myself to the point that I had to take a week or two off of running. After that I could only run 2-3 miles without really hurting.
I think it is different for everyone. I carry my babies all out in front so it puts so much pressure on my pubic bones. I am also on my fourth pregnancy so I think it depends on how many kids you have (the more you have the looser things are if you know what I mean). I have a good friend who runs all the way up to her due date. She said she feels lucky that she can run with out any problems but she does get tired and only does short distances towards the end. I think she always does a half marathon around 6 months and then moves into the shorter distances.
You are amazing for running a half. I really wanted to do the Salt Lake half but my body could only handle the 5K. I would say listen to your body and if you feel worn out take a rest. I have really enjoyed cross-training because it keeps me active and my body seems to handle it better. I hope this is helpful!

Roxanne said...

I forgot to give you the official details...My last race/run was the Salt Lake Marathon 5k, 29 weeks prego. I am not running beyond this because it hurts too bad, it took me several days to walk normal after this race. I mostly do spinning and weight classes.

aaronandsharla said...

I personally don't run much after about 20 weeks. I have my own reasons for this, and I do continue to walk a lot through the end of the pregnancy and do weights. I don't think I would ever run a race when pregnant and am amazed at those that do!! I allow myself a break from running and continue to focus on daily exercise and trying to eat right...this allows me to really look forward to running again after the baby comes-but that is just me. good luck with what ever you do! Every woman handles pregnancy differently, just listen to your body and do what is best for you.

Team Hanni said...

Running while pregnant is unchartered territory for me. This is Baby #4 for me and the first time I have been running while pregnant. I stopped running at 7 weeks because of severe vomiting and couldn't take a step until about 16 weeks. Since then I ran the SLC 5K which felt wonderful. I am still running (almost 20 weeks) but the last week has been slower and harder. I will continue to run every other day, and do the eliptical on the other days as long as I can. I am planning to run a marathon relay in June when I will be about 25 weeks. I will take a short leg (4 miles or so).

My doctor is also a runner and is very supportive of my running goals. He sees nothing wrong with running up to delivery.

If it starts to hurt I think I will do the eliptical each day, but hopefully I can continue running for a while.

As for running a 10K or half.... I'm still dealing with nausea and dehydration so I have to stick to lower miles. I will look forward to the longer distances for post-pregnancy.

If you feel good, go for it. I'm sure you will slow down as you get closer to delivery - but I know how awesome racing feels. I haven't wanted to give it up all together for nine months. Exercise is great for the baby too. Good for you!

M&M said...

I had really hoped to run through my 3rd pregnancy and was not able to due to my heart rate. So, I was like Sharla and just tried to enjoy the break. :-) I walked and went on the elliptical at least 3 days a week. Luckily it was winter time so by the time summer came and I had the baby, I was SO ready to run!! I will admit I am jealous and amazed by your running and racing! Everybody is individual and just listen to your own body. I would maybe wait to sign up for races to see how you feel and take them one at a time. I love reading your race reports, so keep them coming!! You are incredible!

amydear said...

I ran until 26 weeks pregnant, but then got put on bedrest. The rest was long, but I came back stronger than ever. I guess you just have to do what your body can do, but I think taking a break from racing isn't a bad thing. I also had a problem with irregular heartbeat, and it's hard to run in the hot summer sun. Good luck!

J&K Freeman said...

I think it is up to each individual and their doctor. I ran my first 1/2 marathon when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant. I had been training for it before I became pregnant and my doctor said it was fine. It hurt so bad by mile 10, but it was great to finish. I also have a friend that got up and ran 3 miles the day she gave birth to her 2nd child. It's all in how you're feeling.

Polliwog said...

I ran up to 20 weeks with baby #2, always feeling great. I took 2 weeks off, and when I came back, I came home and threw up after the run. Not being a puker, this was the clue to me that I needed to put it on hold.

I'm now at 27 weeks with baby #3, and haven't really run since week 10 due to irregular heart rates.

Also, my dad's an OB and his advice to me has always been, if you can carry on a conversation while running (not being too out of breath) you're okay. I think if you're trained and running through the beginning (and truthfully listening and responding to your body's clues) of the pregnancy, you can keep it up as long as your body will let you. But it is very hard for us runners not to push ourselves too hard, and that's where you have to be careful. Getting plenty of oxygen to the baby is key.

Polliwog said...
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