Friday, August 29, 2008

Dear Brooks shoes size 11.5,

I am writing you this letter before I go to bed. Enjoy your nights sleep, you will need it. Tomorrow we are going 17 miles together. We are starting really early, even before the sun gets up. You will most likely get wet as it has been raining for a few days. So get ready!
You did me well this past week even though Mr. Lefty feels a little sloshy on the left foot by my little toe. I will remember to tie you tighter tomorrow.
I am bringing along with us some yummy food. I have Anne's left over Shot blocks from the St. George Marathon last year. (yes the ones she ran with but did not eat in a ziplock bag sitting in my cupboard for a year) It was all I could find and it is too late to go to the store. They should take me at least an hour to chew as they are as hard as a rock.
You will get to see my Balega favorite socks size M - given to me by one of my marathon mentors Melissa. They will be so much better than those thin ones I used on Wednesday. When I thought wearing two of each would be just fine - I have learned my lesson.
So, I am off to bed. See you in the morning and non of that fake sleeping pretending you don't hear the alarm clock stuff. We are going! We only 6 weeks left before 26.2 in Baltimore!!
Thanks for being there for me.
Pink Feet

P.S. Sport Shield - I love you!!


Stephanie said...

I have to say how cute you are! I have lurked on your blog and find your marathon story inspirationa1. I am doing 21miles tomorrow, my last run before the TOU marathon in 3 weeks. I hope that you have a great run!!

Kelly(M&M) said...

I sure love when you post, Kristi. You have a way of writing that inspires the rest of us "normal" people. I think you are fabulous! I hope you had a great run today! Thanks for sharing.

staci-d said...

Congrats on training for another marathon! That is awesome! I wish you the best and i look forward to reading more on you achieving your goal!

One step at a time, you'll do great :)

Robyn said...

Good for you Kristi! I didn't know you were doing the marathon again. You are so funny with your blog post to your shoes... holy cow, size 11.5?! That makes you really fast, right?

I had a 20 mile run this morning and I was thinking, "What am I doing?! I don't really need to do a marathon, do I? This is crazy." Jill says "That's what cars are for." Hope your run went well. Happy training.

Brandon Family said...

Cute post! I hope you had a great run and shoes were on the top of their game!

Marci said...

Fun post!!