Monday, August 25, 2008

Healthy Eating Check In

Just wanted to know how all of you did last week. I actually had a terrible week-long story. Basically, my shin was still hurting, so I didn't run which meant I didn't exercise which meant I felt crappy which meant I ate crappy.

So, there is my honest update. I am motivated and ready to go. Off to a good start today- was able to run 4 miles- woo hoo. Then I lifted and I ate healthy pretty much all day.

Now it is 10pm, and my focus is getting to bed early.

Good night! I hope you all had a better week than me!



Molly said...

Glad you're leg's feeling better Kelly. Sorry about your crazy week.
My swim class is going well. There was just two of us so it was like private lessons. My shoulders and triceps are going to be sore but that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

We had a round of the sickies here last week. Set me back a little but I'm on track this week.

I'm doing the P90X program, minus the cardio days, and subbing a run for those. Any takes on it? I tend to bulk up a bit and wonder what the consensus is about semi-intense weight training combined with running. I plan on easing up a little with the lower body work since I run over 20 miles per week now.

Any thoughts? I could use some tips.

JP said...

I did okay. And then the weekend (and soccer tournament and bday parties) hit and I tanked.


This is me, climbing back on the wagon.

Marci said...

I had a bad week too and for almost the same reason- - my knees are killing me and I didn't run much during the week either. I am not recovering quickly enough from my weekend long runs to run much during the week. When I do not exercise, I do not eat well. How does that always seem to go hand in hand??

Hopefully this week will go better.