Sunday, August 31, 2008

I run... see the sunrise.
...for a good chat with a friend. see the world from a new perspective. see continual improvements in myself.
...for a sense of accomplishment.
...for my health.
...because I LOVE downhill running and feeling fast. make new friends and learn more about others. push myself. start my day out right.
...while the rest of the world is sleeping. feel strong. feel alive. appreciate my health. feel confident in my skin. set a good example for my children. be by myself sometimes. music sometimes.
...without music other times.
...for me.
...because I love it. know that I can.

Since the Newport Marathon I have been in and out of consistent running. After hurting my shin two weeks ago, I was really missing the feeling of a great run. I was driving one of my favorite routes on Thursday and just craved running on those roads. It was kind of like how I felt when I was pregnant and couldn't run. So, I called my friend Marnie who is training for St. George. I offered to run her 20 miler with her, which would include this favorite route of mine. I haven't run more than 9 miles since the marathon, but I thought if I took it slow enough I would be fine. (I even called Ang, who just did this same crazy thing with her sister, for advice! Thanks Ang!) I was a little nervous, but it was fantastic. We started at 5am, in the dark, and it was a little chilly, just how I like it! We ran the first 11 1/2 miles and she let me decide the pace. It was perfect. We had a great chat and I felt empowered by the fact that I could do it and not have any pain! We met up with the rest of the group (which includes my hubby!) for the last part of the run. It is a tough 7 miler that I used to avoid. I will admit it was a difficult, hilly end to a long run, but it was gorgeous and I was able to share some of my favorite back roads with my favorite guy. At mile 16 we even hit some downhill that I ran fast (for me!) with Jeff. It was very invigorating. I paid for it on the last uphill and had to walk a little, but I am very pleased with how it went. I ended up running 18 1/2 miles altogether. It reminded me why I run, especially why I run long distance!

I would love to hear why others run or tell us about your favorite run. Thanks for letting me share my experience!


Stephanie said...

You are awesome! How nice of you to run with your friend. I could have used you on my 21 miler yesterday. After my marathon in 3 weeks we should get together and run. By the way I blogged about Hood to Coast on my blog.

amydear said...

I just had a great run on Saturday - my first long run since the marathon that actually felt like fun, not like total work. It was only 9 miles, but it was a great 9. I actually ended up about a mile and a half away from home, so it was a walk/jog the last 1.5 to make it back. I run so I can eat ice cream and stay sane. Seriously.