Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting Back into the Swing

Boy, having a baby certainly takes a lot out of you. I know what you are going to say "But Courtney, it's been over a year now!" And your right. I haven't posted here in forever, but now my oldest has started school and I find that having two at home during the day is 500 times easier than having three. So what did I do this morning to celebrate? I went running!

I ran with a group of girls that I haven't run with in almost two years. It was so nice and I pushed myself pretty hard. I wasn't able to keep up with them as I used too, but it was nice to have that feeling again. You know the one, where you feel like your run somehow cleaned out all of the toxins in your blood and you feel almost drained but in a good way. The only problem was that about half way through the 5 1/2 miles, the front of my shoulder started killing me. It still hurts. It's happened before but it has never been this bad and it's only when I push myself harder than usual (doesn't take much to do since I took like a month off). Any ideas/tips?



Alicia said...

I'd like to know because I get a pain in the front of my shoulder too sometimes- usually when I am pushing a little harder too...

Courtney said...

Yeah, it's a pain (literally :)