Monday, September 08, 2008

Weight Loss Mommies- Week of Sept. 8-14th

Hello there! I could not come up with a more creative name to call us, so if you can come up with one, let me know. I am not sure if all of us on the no sugar bandwagon are trying to lose weight, but I know I am! So, I thought we could keep one post going all week where we can check in. You don't have to post every day, but if it will help keep you on track please do post! We can each have our own individual goals to report on. Thanks for all the suggestions in the last post. They are great ideas and I am using them.

Here goes my goals!

1. No treats (especially packaged food- thanks Endre!)
2. Lift 3 times a week
3. No soda (except diet)
4. Drink lots of water.
5. Keep running. :-) (This one is the one I love!)

I am an all or nothing girl, so that is why I am going for no treats. I do allow myself anything that the Body for Life diet says is okay. So, last night I had fat-free, sugar-free vanilla pudding with light whipped cream and it was awesome! That will be a treat I allow.

So, what are your goals?

One question for all of you. I am hosting Book Club tomorrow night and I want to have healthy snacks. (I will probably put out some cookies too, but I want something I can eat.) Any good ideas? Let's help each other.

Good news- I lost 3 pounds this week! (For the record- I was up 10 pounds from the Salt Lake Marathon- ugh!! So now I am up 7.)


amydear said...

Chips and salsa -- homemade salsa with tons of yummy fruits (mango? pineapple?) or veggies. And tortilla chips aren't too bad for you, although they do come in a bag! I've made my own tortillas, but not my own tortilla chips.

I have decided to do forgo the no sugar thing. My new goal, and one I sorely need, is to be content with my body the way it is. I will continue to eat almost no meat, eat more whole grains, and watch my sugar, but that number on the scale doesn't seem to be budging, so I've decided that I must be at my ideal body weight. I'm only up 2 pounds from my marathon weight, so it's not so bad. I'm also not going to eat anything but fruits or vegetables after 8:30pm on most nights. One weekend night is my exception. That will rule out most of my sugar intake anyway. Good luck to everyone!

Gina said...

No sugar and no eating 2 hrs. before bed are my goals. That will be enough change for now. However, I am still going to eat fiber one bars if I need something sweet in the afternoon. My strategies for success are:
1. protein with every snack
2. lots of water after dinner
3. have my husband hide the lunch treats (yes, I am that weak)
4. Keep lots of fruit on hand
5. I have to tell all of you if I eat any of my daughters potty treats.

Charity said...

I am not in it to loose weight, but I would like to be more toned, so I am setting up a session with a trainer (it's free at the military base) even though technically we're not military...anyway, off topic...

So, I have eliminated sugar, am hoping to lift more often (I'm gonna say twice a week) and drink my 8+ glasses of water...

And yes, I'm too chicken to step on a scale!

Maggs said...

I love that you are doing this! I just started last Saturday with a no sugar diet as well as an increase of proteins and 3 servings of both veggies and fruit. I feel SO good already...after only 4 days of doing it. I did this diet last fall and lost 35 pounds. I am hoping to lose another 15. I also am just beginning to get back into a running routine after my last miscarriage. So...I hope that you don't mind if I check in on your posts and reveal my progress...or failure...which i'm determined is not going to happen!

Jenny said...

Hi all-
I'm in too...since Sunday. My goals, no sugar treats. For me this is mostly cookies. Snacks and breakfast more protein and no eating after dinner. I'm also trying to work on my abs every day.

Thanks for the motivation.

Kelly(M&M) said...

Mid-week check-in, how is everyone doing?

I am doing better than I have before. So far, no cheating, woo hoo! I did find sugar free snackwell's cookies. In fact, I am going to have one now!

I also took a class at the Y that kicked my behind. I am really working on the strength training.

Let us know how you are doing!

Gina said...

I've done pretty well. I did slip and order a frosty to share with my Daughter before I remembered I was doing the no sugar-thing. That goes to show how ingrained the habits are...but I did go to the neighborhood pot-luck (all junk food) and came away feeling proud. Not even a crumb of brownie crossed my lips. I've been getting a protein in with every snack and i think that helps a lot. 9 miles this week so far and I plan another 6 tomorrow. Keep up the good work ladies