Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What if you didn't go running?

Have you ever wondered what you missed on a day that you don't go running?
This past weekend I was visiting Chicago for my first time. I had big plans to go running. Friday night I set out my clothes, shoes and even brought my 4 bottle water belt in the suitcase. When I got up that morning and realized I was staying on Michigan Ave, I decided to not go running and just go shopping. I thought I can run in my home town but can't experience Chicago at home. I took a shower, got dressed for the day. As I was getting ready to leave the hotel room I looked down at my pile of running gear begging for me to give them some attention. I felt guilty. I changed my clothes and put on my running gear and delayed my trip down the Magnificent Mile.
Here is what I would have missed if I would not have gone..

I would have missed knowing my hotel was right at the edge of Lake Michigan and seeing the beautiful beach. I would have missed running with masses of people - most in Chicago Marathon training shirts. That is probably a great marathon to run.
I would have missed following a group of runners over this bridge that had better manicured foliage than my garden
I would have missed running around people playing baseball in fields on a Saturday morning
I would have missed running across a finish line a few hours after a race had ended
I would have missed this cool monument that lead me down another path..a path to the... Zoo!
I would have missed this cute man playing his violin
I would have missed seeing this camel that reminded me of riding one this summer in Morocco

I would have missed this monkey scratching his bottom

I would have missed the opportunity to document my trip in the sand

I would have missed the cheerleaders taking group photos in the water - it was fun to watch
I would have missed seeing how awesome Fleet Feet was for providing water and and Gatorade to Saturday runners!

Thanks Fleet Feet of Chicago - here is my plug for you in thanks for the Gatorade!!
I would have missed the wedding right by my hotelI would have missed taking my self portrait all sweaty and gross
and I would have missed the joy of laying in the complimentary robe after my second shower for the day and then truly enjoying the shopping on Michigan Ave.


Heather W said...

I loved your post! I can really appreciate where you are coming from! I think that a good run is a great way to "see" an city, new or familiar! What an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing with us.

Mel said...

I'll remember your post next time I'm visiting somewhere new! Loved the photos!

Ruthie said...

wow. what a fantastic post!
thanks for the inspiration.

erinmalia said...

i LOVE running in new places! it makes me feel more local and less tourist. it's just a totally different feel than the walk down michigan avenue (which also shouldn't be missed).

Robyn said...

You are so good for choosing the running over the shopping- that would be a TOUGH choice for me. I love all the photos, looks like a fun trip.

Keekee said...

I too love exploring new cities by foot- I am from Chicago so I know firsthand what a great place it is to run. I am not in WI and your pics brought back some great memories.

Janice said...

Love this post. It will make me think twice next time I think twice about running.....LOL