Thursday, November 20, 2008

I think I may be able to do this!

I am an "on again/off again" runner, but when my office got a spot in the "Hood to Coast" relay this past year, I signed on. I was running 20 miles a week from January to June, and enjoying it! Then I injured myself - bulging disk. No running the entire month of July, and a "return to run" program of "walk 10 minutes, run 1 minute" for the next few weeks. When HTC rolled around, I had run no more than 1.5 miles at one time in the last 8 weeks. I considered quitting - after all, I injured myself by running tired up a big hill, and my second leg was a BIG hill, at midnight, for nearly 6 miles. But when our team captain announced he had a stress fracture and would be driving, not running, I knew I couldn't quit. We'd exhausted two alternates and were scrambling to find a last runner. If I quit, my teammates would either have to double up or forfeit their spot.

I ran. And it was awesome. Ok, so my pace was deadly slow. But I finished all my legs, the last two on no sleep, not nearly enough food and far too much ibuprofin. We just got word we're in for '09 and I can't wait.

In the meantime, I am training for the Cascade Half Marathon in January. I started with a training program from Marathoning for Mortals but had to kick it up a notch and now am using one from I am in week 5 and sticking to it! Actually, exceeding it.

This past weekend, my husband and I were camping (yes, in November!!) at Ft. Stevens with my son's boy scout troop. We were looking at a map with all the trails and my hubby says "let's run out to the point and back." I started calculating and thought to myself, "That's 11 miles. I've never run that far." I wanted to say "No - I'm only supposed to run 3 today, and 8 tomorrow." But I said, "you know what? I'll give it my best shot. If we get out there and I can't make it, you can come and pick me up in the car." Well, I did it! It took me longer than I wanted it too, and I wanted to quit about 9 miles in, but I didn't. When I saw the post at the end of the trail I was so happy! I just kept saying "I just ran 11 miles!" I know I can run 13.1 now.

I'm back on track, I'm running my measley 4 miles tomorrow, and 3 Saturday, and then 7 Sunday. And it sounds like a walk in the park.


Mel said...

The HTC sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad you were able to do it! Woohoo for running 11 miles. I remember the first time I hit double digits... such a great feeling. Keep up the hard work, you are going to love running 13.1!

Brandon Family said...

That is great! We put in for HTC and haven't heard yet, either way. No rejection email or acceptance email. I don't know what that means but I am afraid I will be terribley dissappointed if we are rejected.

Great job with your 11 miles! What fun!

Vanessa Shannon said...

Sounds like you ran a Ragnar Relay? I just signed up for the one here in Utah called the Wasatch back. Ive only run 5ks so far, Im needing to train pretty hard too cause I have the gnarliest hill in the race... 4 miles straight up. YIkes. Good for you for doing it! Im excited to do mine. Scared too....

JP said...

Way to go, Girl...way to stay motivated and positive!!