Monday, December 15, 2008

1st Winter Run

Today was it! We had our first snow fall of the year over the weekend and I had my first winter run of the season. As I headed out the door it was about 17 degrees. After layering extensively I was actually warm for the most part. . .as warm as you would expect to be when it was that cold. After moving from AZ to OR about 2 years ago this was the first time in about 15 yrs I have actually had to run in the snow/ice. I guess I have been pretty lucky the last 2 years; my running schedule was such that I never ran into the "weather" problem. I have to thank an amazing running partner who is willing to meet me at 5:30am come rain, shine, or snow! We did our usual Monday morning 7.5 miles. The roads weren't too bad, a little icy but we were able to run in the road rather that on the side as there was very little traffic. . .what a blessing.
I must say that it was so beautiful and peaceful. It is so quiet when there is snow on the ground. Does that make sense? It gave some time to really think with out the normal interruptions and ended up being a great way to start my week.


Gina said...

I found some great running tights at REI for $35. I run in "teen" weather too and they are awesome! Now I'm trying to decide if I should buy some of those pocket spikes that slip over your shoes. It was pretty slipery this morning.

Heather W said...

Thanks for the info about the tights. Mine are on their last leg! I have already repaired them twice. . .time for new. I was just reading in last months runner's world about a guy who designates a pair of running shoes each winter and "winterizes" them. He takes screws and screws them into the outter edge of the sole of his running shoe with a cordless drill. Anyway, something to think about.