Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Product Question

First of all...thanks for all your input on my last question. I got some great running tights from REI and I love them! Now I am facing snow-packed roads and wonder if any of you use pocket spikes when you run. They are like snow-chains for your shoes. Are they any good? Some better than others? Any input would be great. Thanks.


Freedom Runner said...

Hi Gina, I picked up a pair of YakTracks a couple years ago before training through the winter for my first half-marathon. I first used them on an occasion when the snow was wet and fresh, and found them to be rather unhelpful...snow would get packed into the arch of the shoe and stay there, making it much more slippery for me! I haven't bothered with them since. I think they would be fine on packed snow, but haven't tried. (Maybe someone else has?)
Hopefully someone else has a better product to suggest. :o)

joyof3boys said...

I have the Pro Yak Traks. I haven't had to use them much but they definitely made a difference when I did wear them. I only wear them when the roads are covered with snow. As in running at 4:45 in the morning and the plows have yet to appear. If the roads are part snow part clear I don't wear them. They are not comfortable then plus I think they'd be ruined. I have yet to have a problem with them. I'm not sure where you are located so I don't know how your snowfall is for the winter. You may be able to get along without them if you're running on roads by shortening your stride.