Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WOO HOO! My second marathon "under my belt"!!!!

Hi all,
 I was the marathoner with the blues last week.  I had that rotten cold and a really sore knee the week before the marathon...  Well, as one of you posted, the adrenaline kicked in and I was off!  The whole weekend was great.  I took Amtrak to Sac from Berkeley and had the most pleasant two hours of my life since my babies were born!!  =)  I walked to the hotel from the train station, checked in and headed out to the expo.  Again, just so great walking around by myself.  I was giddy.  "Hi self! How have you been?" is what kept rolling around my head.  After a great pasta dinner with some friends, I  was back at the hotel and in bed by 9pm.  The 4:30 wake up call comes in along with a pre-recorded message saying it was 37 degrees outside. OUCH!  I was in my gear and headed out to the bus by 5am.  The bus was much anticipation!  After waiting in the cold for an hour the race finally starts and I feeling great the first 16 (that's how it always is, right?) and then BAM mile 20 I'm just hating it.  Even seeing my dearest friend at mile 21 didn't help.  Mile 22-26 were sooooo hard.  Much harder than my first race 4 years ago.  I ended up walking about 10 minutes and was really bummed that I didn't beat my last time. However, I came in at 4:30 and I was pleased with that.  Another post mentioned how she wishes she could do a 4 hour race... Me, too!  But I really don't think it's possible.  Especially now that I'm on the other side of 40!!! =)  Anyway, I loved this race, even though the last part sucked.   A month ago I promised myself I would never do another marathon and already.... I'm scouting out the next race.  We're crazy...the whole lot of us!  


everything pink said...

Hi self how are you doing - that sums up why I run.
great and congrats

Ang said...

Woooohoooooo! Congrats on your race! That is awesome. Glad things turned out nicely for you.

JP said...

Girl...did you do CIM??? I was there. Doing the relay! I didn't think there was a Marathon Mommy close to me...

Congrats on the marathon!! That is so exciting.

Melanie and the Boys said...

I am friends with Angela and am planning to run the Rock & Roll half marathon in June in Seattle.

Congrats on your race!!

Would you all mind posting a Blog with some ideas on the best running songs to have in your Ipod.

I keep filling my Ipod then when I get out the songs just don't do it. Would love to hear what keeps your legs moving for your training.

All the best,


Frannie said...

Congratulations! I remember when I trained for my half marathon saying I'd never want to try for a full, and I wound up running one this Oct and am going to try for NYC in 2009! It's an amazing feeling. Congratulations again.

Robyn said...

Congratulations! Good job finishing your 2nd marathon. I hope that I can get there one day... I only have one under my belt.