Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane.... No.. It's RunnerWoman!!!!

Winter running. It IS NO PICNIC but it can be a great experience if you have the right state of mind and the right running gear.

I am in the process of training for the Boston marathon. I live in central WI so the weather has NOT been cooperating with me. My neighbors have been calling me "Runner woman" b/c they say I look like spider man as I am running the streets. It makes me laugh but I figure I do not care about making any fashion statements when when it is freezing outside.

I never really enjoyed running in the snow, cold, etc before this winter. I finally figured out why, it wasn't that it was too cold, it was due to the fact that I was not properly dressed. I have found some of the BEST cold weather running gear ever and I do not even get the least bit cold during my runs. Now, instead of complaining about how I can not feel my toes or checking to see if my fingers are still attached to me hand, I am enjoying the peacefulness of winter running.

To all of you runners that have to deal with the cold I have to share these great finds with you:

1. The first is the greatest pair of shoes I have ever bought. They are the Brooks Adrenaline ASR5. They are the weatherized version of the Brooks Adrenaline shoe except with a waterproof, windproof material and a more rugged outsole. They make a huge difference!!

2. A great pair of socks rocks. In the past I used to layer two to three pairs of socks to try and keep my feet warm. This new sock is amazing. It is like a wetsuit for your feet. These too are windproof and waterproof and the best thing of all is they are super thin. I usually wear a pair of thin running socks over them for padding. NOT ONCE have my feet been cold. Note: these run small so if you are inbetween sizes opt for the larger.

3. The Manzella Windstopper Balaclava is great. It is Goretex fleece so it is windproof and fits great. I always thought running with something over my face would drive me nuts but I no longer notice it and I am VERY thankful for the warmth on my face. I no longer look like Roudolph with a wind-brunt nose.

4. There is nothing worse then running in the cold and having you hands soooo cold that you can barley stand it anymore. I found the best gloves, or mittens I should say. Mine are actually not running gloves at all, they are by Eddie Bauer and are filled with Down. I wear a thinner Nike running glove under them and my hands are nice and toasty the whole run. I think it is the Down that makes the difference.

For many of us it seems to be much harder to get out of bed in the morning when it is cold, dark and just plain blahhh. So, how do we stay motivated during these cold months???? The good news is there are many ways to pump up your desire to run. Enter a spring running event and set a personal goal, join or run with a local running group or friend and create a running soundtrack of your favorite tunes.

Most importantly, remember that spring will soon be here and you can once again enjoy the warmth and the sun. So, take this time to enjoy something a little different and just maybe, you too will be out on the streets fighting crime as " Runner Woman" :)

Happy running.


Carrilyne said...

Thanks for the great advice about winter gear! Utah has also had an especially cold winter this year! This season I'm running with my 5 month old in tow so I have had to run indoors. But next winter I will definitely try out some of that winter gear!

Cal said...

Thanks for the advice too! I'm in Utah where it is cold and it does take motivation to get outside...I do admit to alot of treadmill running but have also found that if I'm bundled up right-outside running is beautiful. My kids had to laugh one really cold day when I came home and my gatorade was frozen. I also agree that being registerd for races in the winter and early spring are good motivation. I have 2 half marathons (I just did one of them) and a full marathon that I am training for-that keeps me going!

The Abrahams said...

I really appreciate this post! I love Brooks Adrenaline shoes and had no idea they made a winter version- so exciting. I have been hating my long runs on the treadmill, but thanks to all of your wonderful advice it looks like I can get back outside!

Jenny said...

I love it...I'm in southern Wisconsin myself. I actually love running in winter once you get the clothing stuff down it feels great to get outside, however, I will welcome spring. Have you tried Yak Trax at all? I run on snow packed to clear roads & I'm wondering how much they help on snow pack but would it be a pain on a clear road?? Love the picture!

Denise said...

I'm with you and done with the cold weather. Good advice on the clothing, too!

Heather said...

LOL!!!! That was awesome. . . I LOVE the picture! I am smiling as I write! I appreciate all the advice. I did check out the link to RR for pants. I think that some new warmer tights will help. Mine are VERY old. The inversion in HR is over! We saw the sun today. . .it was beautiful even with a couple of inches of new snow. I will take it however it comes! Again, thanks for the smiles.

JP said...

I am amazed by your positive attitude and all of your helpful information.

All of you and your snow running AMAZE me.

Nikkei said...

Thank you for the timely advice! This week marks the start of training for my next marathon--and it is so cold today that they canceled my first grader's recess. It is easier to train for a fall marathon, but it is time I get running again, and hopefully I'll keep my nose and toes warm by following your suggestions.

Lei said...

My motivation for running in the cold is people like you who have a real reason to whine! Lol! I live in Austin and yes it can get nippy but let's face it, I'm a big old wimp if I complain about it.