Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Running Thoughts

Like the other Moms with New Year's goals to run better, I am hoping to improve my time and stamina this year.

With the hectic-ness of the holidays, sadly, running got away from me. I had plans to do it each day my husband was home to watch the kids, but somehow, in between wrapping, finishing errand shopping, cooking and baking, time escaped me. Then the stomach flu hit, derailing my plan even more and now my husband is traveling for work (and I don't own a treadmill!) so I've been going batty.

I had a meeting this morning while my kids were in pre-school and during my drive home, all I kept thinking was how many miles I could squeeze in between when I got home and had to get my kids! I did a quick wardrobe change and headed for the fitness center in my neighborhood and got in 2.5 miles. It felt fantastic. I made the 30 minutes I had count (I did make sure I could cool down and stretch.) And while I wasn't thrilled to show up at school looking like I did, I realized that I didn't really care because I forced myself to squeeze in some time for me and was shocked to realize that the "me" time now includes running. (No longer does that mean a long bath or a manicure.) I don't know when this happened, but I'm happy with it! I think I might actually feel comfortable calling myself a "runner" now!

So back to the improving time and stamina, does anyone have any good advice? I am able to run a 9- minute mile for about 5 minutes on the treadmill, and my goal would be to run my second half marathon (SunTrust National Half in March) at that pace, but I average around 9:40 during my 10-mile and half marathon races. Any suggestions and tips on how to improve would be greatly appreciated!!!


Sher said...

I have found that running with people who are faster than me helps. I have to force myself to keep up, and before I know it I'm used to that faster pace.
Running on the treadmill, I always finish the last 1/4 of each mile with a sprint. Go at least 8.0 mph (which is I think 7 min/mile or something around there, and keep increasing every 10th of a mile, then slow back down at the mile. It also helps me to do more miles.
Anyway, that's what's worked for me, and my last marathon I averaged about 8:50 min/ mile
p.s. I love this blog! I'm so glad you are doing this!

Molly said...

The greatest improvement in speed for me has been doing track work(of course this can be done on a treadmill or on a street, that's just what I call it)Anyways, maybe start out doing 3 400m repeats at a pretty quick pace-not sprinting but pushing yourself. Then work up to 4 then 5 repeats. You can vary it by doing 800's 1600's. I can see results after the first workout. Hal higdon usually has these in his programs.

Frannie said...

Thanks! The running club I belong to has track workouts on Wednesday nights in the warmer weather. I think it's imperative that I take advantage of that (aka, get a babysitter since the hubby works late) when they start up again.

In the meantime, I've been upping my speed for 1 song, then slowing down for a song, when I've been running. I hope that makes a little bit of a difference!