Thursday, January 08, 2009


Yes- I posted a few times many months ago- got plantar fasciitis and fell off the map. But I'm back. Still going to physical therapy for my foot but trying to take better care of myself so I can run the rock & roll marathon in Seattle in June! Ironically, if you notice- my name is "wind runner"- I am posting this in order to see if anyone can give me treadmill advise. I need to buy one. I have spent the last 4 weeks slipping and sliding through the streets- forcing cars to avoid hitting me because I have to run in the middle of the street. The snow and ice are gone- however the wind has hit us full force and after turning 30 this year I decided that I'm too old to run in winds more then 40 mph (I'm only 1/2 joking about the old thing:) We're hitting gusts up to 80mph this week and hence- after living in the windy city for 6 years I put my foot down and demanded we get a treadmill!

That was a long explanation- but I would love some comments from people who own and who love/hate their treadmills. I use the treadmill as a very very last resort so it's not going to see a tremendous amount of miles- but I would love suggestions. I'm thinking about going with a Costco NordicTrak...??? Thanks ladies! It's so nice to know you're all out there- running with me!


Angry Julie Monday said...

I have a Precor treadmill. I've had it for 3 years now. I was using it alot last year.

Make sure you get a good one if you are going to run alot on it. It really makes a difference with the pounding.

Also, get one of those black rubberized mats to go under it too.

They are worth the money and you can use them during inclement weather.

Megan and Jon said...

Hi, I love reading but have never commented but I love the running advice and discussion so I visit often.
My husband actually works at the company the mades Nordictrack. I would suggest it over any of the other models they make (reebok,weslo,icon, proform ect) Nordictrack is the top of the line that they make. I have to and if it is an option for you I would go for the flexdeck. It is made of wood and actually flexes when you run so it is alot easier on the knees and joints. I log alot of miles on mine and have never had any problems. If you wanted to see what Costco has I can have him see if it is a good one. You aren't in Utah right? If you are I know a great place to pick them up for cheap cheap.

Anonymous said...


put a good movie in front of you....and treadmills are the way to go:-)

joyof3boys said...

You can do such much with a treadmill. I think the hardest part is just getting into the right frame of mind to run for long periods of time on one.

I second what Candy said about the movie!

We did a lot of research when we purchased ours almost 10 years ago. Wasn't running at the time so I probably would have opted for the next model up that had a special belt/floor (for lack of a better word) that actually had some give when you ran. It was between the Precor and the True. I don't know how each are rated at this time but back then those were the two of the top ones if you were looking for a treadmill for running. We ended up with the True. A friend of mine, who is an ultrarunner has a Precor which she loves. You pay for what you get. So if it's something you plan on using for a long time and lots of miles it's worth the investment.

Alicia said...

Megan, so I have been looking at treadmills too and I live in Utah. Where do you get the cheap (in cost at least) ones? I couldn't afford an expensive one. Thanks!

Mel said...

We just bought the Nordictrack Costco one a couple weeks ago. I like it. The belt is larger than most, it has the MP3 hookup too. I worried that it would wake up the children. Treadmill is downstairs from their bedrooms and they can't hear it, a major plus for me:)

Ruthie said...

my hubby researched like crazy before we bought ours.. we bought a TRUE as well.. it was 2300.00 when we bought it and its been worth every penny. we have had it for 14 years (YES 14) and have ZERO problems with it!!!!

I give TRUE 20 stars out of 10

happy shopping!

wind runner said...

Wow! I love the response and support I get when I do take the time to post! Thank you so much!

Jen said...

I have a Nordic Track treadmill. It's really the best, in my opinion. I found it on sale, on; they often have deals. I love that the track is wider than most, and that it folds up so my future little ones can't play on it.

Jill Knapp said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog!!

aaronandsharla said...

I got a treadmill last year after doing lots and lots of research and not being able to run outside as much w/ 2 kids. Here is my 2 cents: NordiTrack Commercial 1500 from Costco is what I bought. I read lots of stuff on treadmills and this was the closest you could get without spending a fortune and getting a commercial one. I would be sure to look at the warranty. Ours had a good one. I saw a similar one at Costco- NordiTrack Commercial- it was more expensive than what I paid and looked smaller but similiar. You want a really good warranty- that will tell you it is a good treadmill because they wouldn't warranty it for life or 12 years or whatever if they didn't know it was worth doing that...hope that makes sense. Look at Costco- sometimes they get close outs- so you could get a really good deal :) Looks like many others said similiar things- seriously the Norditrack I got from Costco was the best- as good as a gym treadmill without the pricetag!

Ang said...

I'm thinking about doing the seattle rock n roll marathon! Are you in Washington?

Steffany said...

I can't speak to the exact treadmill I think you should buy--but it seems like others have done that, and really well. I have a pretty cheap-o treadmill that I bought at Sears about 7 years ago, and I haven't had a single problem with it.

The thing I wanted to write about is how to make great use of your treadmill. I have been using mine 3 to 4 time a weeks for 6 months now. I love to run outside (LOVE to!) but it's just not an option as often as I wish it were, not with muddy dirty roads for miles around our house and my little guy being in my care all the time (i.e., being unable to sneak away for a run except very occasionally).

So here's the thing: I have come to love my treadmill runs. It sounds absurd, but here's why: I've begun to download all kinds of great stuff from iTunes--sermons, interesting podcasts, audiobooks--and I use my running time to really stimulate my brain (not a lot else does, with a 14-month-old as my constant companion!). I love it, and am so thankful for this season of killing two birds with one stone: I get my exercise and I feel mentally and spiritually recharged afterward. I really hope you can enjoy your treadmill time in this way--not just bear it, but actually savor it! :)

Megan and Jon said...

Alicia, I hope you come back and read this, I am not sure how else to get ahold of you. There is a place in Clearfield that sells the buyers remorse treadmills that are prefectly fine but they can't sell them at cost because the have been pre-owned so they are generally atleast 1/2 the cost. I have a current list of what is there if you want to email me I will send it to you. It is for the public but noone really nows about it.