Thursday, January 08, 2009

Run/Walk Marathon Training

Hello ladies! I have run 2 marathons in the past (pre baby) and swore that I would never do another one. I am secretly getting the itch to do a third due to all of your awesome, inspiring posts! I am not one of those 'natural' runners. I started running in college and it has never gotten any easier- I run 10 min miles at best and I huff and puff the whole time. I am questioning whether or not I can really complete another marathon. The fact that I have run marathons before honestly feels like an out of body experience and I have to keep asking myself, "Did I really do that?". It doesn't give me any confidence that I can do it again, especially since a lot has changed after having two kids!
I have been such a running slacker since I had my youngest and really want to run more. It is my therapy and I feel so much better when I do it, but I have a really hard time fitting it in during the day and lose my motivation at night. I think if I am following a training plan I will be much more disciplined. I used Hal Higdon's plan in the past and did alright. I am considering Jeff Galloway's run/walk plan and wondered if anyone else has done this and what you think of it. Thanks!


Tall Girl Running said...

I used Jeff Galloway's run/walk plan to train for and run my first marathon three years ago and I'm still a big proponent of it. Not only does it make the distance more manageable, but it gets you to the finish feeling strong and makes recovery much easier. After another two marathons under my belt, my first still remains my best time and I'm convinced it's because I religiously stuck to the walking breaks throughout the race, regardless of how I felt. If I run another marathon again, I'm going to go back to the basics of Galloway's program as it obviously was the best approach for me.

Frannie said...

I ran my first marathon this past October using the Galloway method. I think we did 6 minutes running and 1 minute walking. It really helped. I was still wiped out but probably wouldn't have made it otherwise! I think you should give it a try.

Ruthie said...

I am a "Marathoning for Mortals" gal.
its a great book.. very motivating and all kinds of plans.. walk run...walk . just run.. run more than walk.. its great. ..
its a great book even if you go with another program (i found it at our local library :)

aaronandsharla said...

I used that plan and I swear by it! Here is why: I did several marathons and 1/2's running all the time. My times were slower and I was sore sore sore afterwards. The times I did a marathon and a 1/2 with the run/walk training- I was not sore the next day - hardly at all- and my times were faster! Plus I didn't have to train as much or log as many miles. My dad was a Team in Training Coach and he swore this was the best way to do it too- and had many runners do marathons this way. If/when I do one again, I will for sure train this way because it really worked for me! Oh- on the races I did 9 min run and 1 min walk- and I was not a very fast runner at all- I still managed a 4 hour 12 min. marathon w/ the run/walk and don't recall my time on the 1/2 but I know it was great!

Anonymous said...

I ran two half marathons last year and am currently training for the ING in March. I use SmartCoach from Runner's World. It lets you customize it and seems to work for all kinds of runners.

Good Luck!