Monday, March 16, 2009

Question for the Mommies

Hi there. I saw the other day you answered a question someone sent in, so I'm hoping you can maybe do the same for me if you have time please and thanks...

I've been running for years, but usually only 4-6km, 3 or 4x a week. Since November though I've been ramping up to train for my first half marathon. Right now I'm running 10km twice a week, plus my long run (13-15km once a week). Soon though I'll need to ramp up my long run to 15km, 17km, and 19km just before my race.

The great news and where my question comes from though is that I just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I'll be 12 weeks at the time of the half marathon. Everything I've read says I can keep running if I stop worrying about pace and time, and lots of stats seem to show that women have run halfs and even full marathons much further along than me... but nothing says whether I can keep increasing my training. I'm fine with slowing my pace, and I am fully aware I need to listen to my body and stop if there's new pain, but can I spend the next 7 weeks increasing my distance if I still feel fine? I'll go slower but nothing seems to say whether that part is allowed or not.

I know you're not doctors but anything you experienced runners/moms could give me would greatly help.

Thanks so much,


Kim said...

Hi, Natalie!

Congrats on your pregnancy. I ran through my last pregnancy and actually did a half marathon at about 12 weeks. I continued after the half with increasing miles slightly because my club was training for a marathon. I didn't run the marathon, but I think I got my long run up around 14-15 miles. I started to taper back when I was about 6 months along, but I continued to run up until 2 days before I delivered. (It was pretty short and slow by then, but I was still running). Just listen to your body, and try not to get too hot. You should be fine. Good luck!

Xena said...

Yes, you can increase those miles - I am about to run a half this weekend and I will be almost 14 weeks. The doctors have said just listen to your body - make sure to drink plenty of water! Yes, I will be running super slow - I hope to finish before they start closing things down and cleaning up! I think the training helped keep my 1st trimester sickness to a minimum too!

lonsdale said...

You can definitely run. I ran a half marathon at 19 weeks. My goal was to cross the finish line. I ran 3 minutes and walked 2. It was slow, but I averaged between 10:30 and 11 minute miles. I had to promise my midwife that I would pull out of the race if anything was feeling "weird" or abnormal. I also made sure I drank either water or gatorade at every aid station. Good luck!!

Frannie said...

Good luck! I have no advice to give - and it seems like the other ladies have covered it. I was wondering the same thing too -- my husband and I have been thinking about getting pregnant again but have the Marine Corps marathon this year and wanted to do the NYC marathon next year. I have a friend who ran a marathon this year when 12 weeks pregnant, with the approval of her doc.

chicklet said...

It's Natalie, thanking all of you. You're awesome! You're confirming everything I've heard so far, which makes me feel less selfish for still wanting to do it.