Saturday, May 30, 2009

Go Newport Marathon Girls!!

At this very moment, there are a few girls from this blog running the Newport Marathon! I meant to write good luck last night, but obviously didn't. I just want them to know I was thinking about them today while they were making marathon memories! I hope all of you girlfriends running it have the best race of your life!!



Cal said...

I was thinking about all of you this morning too!!! I hope it went Great!!!

amydear said...

Thanks! It went okay. Fun, and hard, and I'll write more later. But at 10pm I'm feeling tired. Wonder why??

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hey Ang! This is why I love this blog- the support system! I wish I could say it was the best race of my life, but between my stomach problems and my knee going out, it was a tough one for me. I saw Amy P for a little while which was great, but I couldn't keep up. Beautiful weather, beautiful course, but I am ready for my break! Looking forward to Wasatch Back with the girls!!