Saturday, May 02, 2009

Question and Strider's Winter Racing Circuit Report

It lived up to it's name. Even though the races in the SWRC stretch from January through the end of April, every race was graced with winter-like weather.
The first race -a 5K in February was frigid. I was recovering from an awful cold and ran a little slower than I wanted, 24:43. That was a long time ago. Maybe it was my knee that was bothering me. I can't remember what my excuse for running slower was.
The second race, a 10K later in February was cold and hilly. And I missed it for my brother's wedding.
The third race, a 10 miler in March, the sun at least graced us with it's presence. I ran 6 miles of it because this time I really was recovering from a horrible cold that involved terrible amounts of snot and complaining.
The fourth race, a half marathon on April 4 started off with a beautiful snow fall. Then for the last 6 miles we were buffeted by a fierce, cold wind. I tried to make two guys in front of me block it at least the last mile (we had blocked it for them for the mile before that). I don't know mph in wind but if I were making unexaggerated claims I would say that wind was blowing about 20 mph. Does that sound good? Does that sound like rip-your-heart-out-and-carry-away- your-dreams-of-a-good-time fast? Because that's how fast this particular head wind was going.
I finished in 1:44:37 (8:00/mile).
The fifth race, an eighteen miler, to be fair, wasn't that bad. (You can read a longer version of my thoughts on this race on my personal blog.) It just rained. The temperature was somewhat warm compared to the other circuit races. My pace slowed considerably, disappointingly. I ran about 8:42/mile. And my shoes started killing me. (Sorry this is not a cheerful race report)

I feel like my original goal of 8:00/mile for the marathon is unrealistic and I can't imagine running another 8 miles for the marathon in two weeks. I'm trying to wrap my head around a new goal with a slower time, but I feel sad about letting go of the old goal.
Any advice? Any encouragement?

Also, stupidly, I switched shoes after this race. I went in to a running store and they told me the shoes I have loved for the last 5 years (not the same pair, but same kind) were all wrong for my high arches and supination. So I bought different shoes and ran in them. They have really irritated my arch and that little bone that sticks out (navicular bone) underneath the inside of your ankle. Has this happened to anyone? What did you do to lessen the pain? Would you switch back to the old shoes? I'm debating about running in my old shoes for the marathon (they don't irritate it as much, but they've lost their cushioning). Help me! (please.)


Lisa said...

Definitely switch shoes! Either go back to your old ones or try something else (I would suggest your old ones, since your marathon is so close). Does the running store have a good return policy? Mine has a 60 day "love 'em or return 'em" policy that I think is GREAT.

As far as a time goal, I am not sure what to say since you are WAY faster than me. My gut says to change your goal instead of trying to go out too fast and either getting a DNF or walking the last part of the race. I

Good luck!!

HEATHER said...

hmm the shoes...I would give them a few weeks (maybe run in the old pair for the marathon in 2 weeks). I just went to get my 3rd pair of the same series of shoe only to find they didn't carry them anymore (adidas brevards) so they sold me into another pair (adidas supernova glides). I was CONVINCED that they wouldn't be the same, they would hurt my feet, etc etc. And for the first week or two in them everything felt wrong...until I sufficently broke them in! Now they are fantastic, and my legs and feet feel great! Good luck!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hey Steph,

Ever since I met you in December I have been wondering about your training. I am sorry your races haven't gone as you had planned. You are an amazing runner and I am sure your marathon will be different. It is your goal race and what you have been working toward. I love the Ogden course. It is so beautiful! I always try to have 3 goals. My perfect race goal, my good race goal, and my goal if everything doesn't go how I plan. :-) The first marathon is such a learning experience. It is hard to think like that after training for months, but it is such a long race. It is tough to know how your body responds. I am sure you will do awesome and I can't wait to hear!! It is the end of training and your body is tired. Doing an 18 mile race on no taper will not show what you can do on the real race day. Keep us posted!