Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hood To Coast

Just a quick race report. I skipped one of my 20 milers this weekend to participate in the Hood to Coast Relay. I only ended up running about 16 miles total, but it was a great work out and it was really fun! I was the first runner in Van 2 and I started running in Sandy at about 5:30ish. My first leg was a little under 6 miles and had some good "rollers" but I was able to maintain a 8:40 pace for the duration. I started my second leg sometime in the wee morning hours. . .I think it was about 2 am. Honestly, I was too tired to pay much attention. My fellow team members who have ran this leg in the past assured me that it wasn't as difficult as the info packet stated. Lets just say that I am glad that I ran this leg in the dark. It was a little under 6 miles and there was some serious hills for the first few miles with very short breaks. I was able to recover in the middle of the run as there was a nice down hill section followed by the last 3/4 mile of good incline. I was glad to have that one out of the way and I came out of it averaging 9:17 min/miles. Not a good as I had hoped but, decent. My third leg was a fairly easy 4 miler and I was able to maintain a 8:24/mile time.
Overall, I had a fantastic time, I am not terribly sore and I was able to make some new friends. As always, when I finish a race of any distance, I feel such a sense of accomplishment My times are not fast, especially compared to my fellow team mates, but it was an improvement from last year and I am empowered! It was a great reminder of why I enjoy running. The nice thing in sharing this with all of you is that I know all of you "Get it." Thanks!


amydear said...

Sounds like some good running! Wish I could have done it. I certainly want to in years to come.

Running, kind of. said...

Yay!!! Great job and how fun! We tried to get in but didn't get picked up this year. Maybe next year!!! I love relays!