Monday, October 05, 2009

PDX Race Report

It is 1 am and I should be asleep. I am physically tired but mentally I am all keyed up. I was in bed by 8:45 pm and lights out by 10. . .yet here I am! I keep replaying my race in my mind. Aside from some slightly tight legs I feel great. . .now. I am off for a little ART tomorrow followed by another visit on Thrus. So, I am not too worried about that. However, to say that I am a little disappointed is an understatement. This was my first Marathon in 5+ years and it has been over 10 since I last ran PDX. I have had my first child since then as well. I have spent the summer diligently following my my training program, recording every work out and mile ran. My goal. . .to do a sub 4 hour marathon. I have even toyed with a Boston Qualifying time of 3:45. . .but I tried to not to say that out loud to anyone except my husband! Honestly, I thought I had it in the bag! I have had multiple conversations with said supportive husband who has repetitively encouraged and built me up. He and my daughter were there at the end to cheer me on. . .I love them for that!!!
I felt strong at the start. Prepared even, but at mile 5 my left IT band, the one that hasn't bothered me for months flared up. By mile 16 my entire left leg from my upper thigh down to the outside of my left ankle felt like it was cramping up. I chose to walk up the hill leading to the St. Johns bridge and resumed running at the top. My best friend (we've been best friends since HS) and long time running partner was planning on meeting me at mile 20 to help me finish the last 6. Our plan was to call her at mile 19, a little before 10 am to give her a heads up on my pace and ware abouts. I was feeling so crappy and tired and literally pooped out with no energy that I called her between mile 18 and 19 at about 9:50 am, only about 3 min behind my goal pace. Sadly, it ended up taking me about an hour and 20 min to finish the last 6.2 miles. Every part of my lower body was on fire by this point. I had to walk repeatedly. Adina, my girl friend pulled me along a good portion of the way. I HAD to take a potty break at mile 24. Honestly, who does that? I talked to my husband at mile 20 as well and when I didn't show up for another 80 min he knew something was up. I finished with a time of 4:20.
I am happy that I finished. Really, I am, as there was one point around mile 15 that I wondered why I sign myself up for and actually pay to do these things to myself. So, finishing is huge! But. . .I wish it would have gone differently. The last 6.2 miles KILLED me. So, there you have it. . .a less than stellar finish but a finish none the less. What I would love to know is if any of you have struggled with the last 6 and what have you done in your training to prepare for that? Despite all my frustration and disappointment I am already thinking of my next race and the elusive Boston Qualifying time! Thoughts?

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Colleen said...

Well I can relate to you. This was my first marathon and my knee gave out on mile 13 and I was slow from there on and I was so discouraged, upset, mad ect... I guess I need to just be happy I finished the race. You finished where I wanted to. I was a hour later!!! Any way at least we finished. Don't be discouraged!!!