Monday, November 16, 2009

Need Running Buddies!

Hey everyone,

I am in Ogden this week with my husband's family and would love to have someone to run with. I don't know that I can go all the way down to Salt Lake for a run (it is about an hour) but if there are people up north here that would like to meet up that would be awesome!

Let me know!



Jamie said...

I wish I could come! Ogden is my hometown and I miss it. (I am in PA now.)
I know they are trying to make a trail system go all the way around the valley. Here is a link to some of them. These are my favorite places to run when I visit:
Weber Trails

Kristyn said...

Um....hello.....count me in! Unless Friday is enough for you.

Kelly(M&M) said...

Kristyn, I figured you were a given. :-) Erin is willing to come up on Saturday for a 9-10 miler. Can you pick a good place for us to meet? I need to go 6 miles tomorrow. Do you want to meet? What time? Anyone else? :-)