Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Stay at the Start"

My sister who is running the Boston Marathon asked me to post some information she found about an organization in Boston that helps runners with a place to stay. It is called the "Stay at the Start" program and there are host families in Hopkinton-where the race starts-that let you stay in a room in their house for the marathon weekend in exchange for a donation to the Hopkinton Food Pantry. (The donation is cheaper than a room and is tax deductable). It's a great program for both the runners and the food pantry :)


Can said...

Here's more info about the "Stay at the Start" program... oh, and FYI - I double-checked that it is, in fact, a valid organization. ;-)

Stay at the Start" has established a network of just over 40 families in Hopkinton (where the 26 mile Boston Marathon starts) that want to provide accommodations in their home during Boston Marathon weekend to registered marathon runners. “Stay at the Start” is matching registered runners interested in staying in Hopkinton with these host families.

There is no charge to stay in a host family’s home as a guest. In exchange for a stay of up to 4 nights (Friday-Monday nights), “Stay at the Start” is asking for a donation to help support the community based Hopkinton Food Pantry that services families in need.

Please email Evan Moltz for more information.

-Thanks Cal for posting that for me! =0)

Candace said...
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Can said...

Hmm... and it seems that the blog took out his email address...

Okay, well, here it is and in a different form and just replace the dot and at with the symbols. ;-)


Stephanie said...

Are you doing this? I have family in Wellesley (mile 13) otherwise I might check it out. How is your training going?

Can said...

Yes, I'm going to do it. It sounds like a great chance to get to know some locals, and a way to help out the community. =0) Plus, not have to get up as early marathon morning. LOL

Lucky you have family in Wellesley! I wish. I don't have family any place farther than 30 minutes from me.

Training is going okay. I'm not trying to get a PR at Boston or anything, I just want to enjoy it, so I'm not really killing myself in training. =0) I can't wait for the weather to get a bit better though! How's yours going?