Thursday, April 15, 2010

what a pain in the.....

Hi Everyone,

I've recently been training for an adventure race on top of my half marathon training, that includes biking, orienteering and running.  However, since I started increasing my mileage, I've had a serious pain in my hind end...if you get my drift.  A sharp localized pain in my left butt cheek.  I haven't been to see anyone but my husband is an NP and thinks its piriformus syndrome.  He suggested Ibuprofen, heat ice and rest.  Unfortunately, my adventure race is in 2 weeks and I don't have time to take off for my half.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, any suggestions for making it better?

I need some serious help...I don't think it has helped my spirit any that we got approxmately 9 inches of snow yesterday and are supposed to recieve more tonight and tomorrow...welcome to spring in Alaska....


Cal said...

I know all to about this (I really wish I didn't know about it :) I posted about it a few weeks ago. I really wish I had a great answer for you. It seems the only thing I have found out about Piriformis syndrome is it is extremely hard to heal. I've done everything (stretches, ice, ibuprofen, phyiscal therapy, foam roller, yoga, chiropractor, etc) to help but to no avail. I finally gave in and got my second cortisone shot for this problem this week. It's not really a permanent cure but it gives me some relief so that I can be a happier runner for a while. I have a half marathon in two days so we will see how that goes :)
*One bit of advice that my Physical Therapist has really been working with me on though, is that he thinks that part of what might cause Piriformis is that when your quad muscles build up from running-you have an inbalance with your glute muscles-So they really have me doing alot of cross training for my glutes to get rid of that inbalance.

S Club Mama said...

Wow, I didn't know you were in Alaska - that's exciting. So sorry about your bum. I haven't been running long enough to be injured so I am no help.

Erin said...

My piriformis Syndrome is so bad that I can't run anymore. I took a year off, only doing elliptical and thinking that finally the pain was gone and so I got brave a few weeks ago and ran a mile. Instantly the pain was back just as badly as it was when I first injured it a year ago. I feel like I'm back in the same position again.

I've been stretching my quads more, my hip flexors, my inner thigh area and it is helping. Yesterday I worked on the elliptical machine after 3 weeks off and that helped.

Piriformis is really really hard to heal.

Do everything you can to get better.

I foam roll everyday too.

Get on the internet and watch youtube video's and read everything you can. Education is key with this injury.

Mine is very severe and causes so much nerve pain that my muscles in my legs all start spasming and get so tight I hurt so bad.

I'm done running now for good.

After the year I've had it is not worth the PAIN.

Sad for me.

I really hope that yours gets better.

I think mine is sort of a worst case senario.

Good Luck!

Jill said...

Is that a HIP thing? I had some hip pain and went to the chiropractor and I haven't had it since. Might help? When you are putting so many miles in each week your body reacts someway.

Hope it gets better.

Jamie said...

I"ve had piriformis syndrome, too. Not the funnest thing. One thing that has helped relieve my pain, besides all the other suggestions, is to make sure that I stretch my hamstrings along with my piriformis.
If I don't have a major stretching session after every run, I have major problems. Good luck! I know what a pain it is!

chicklet said...

I got this when I was training for my half marathon. Post-runs I'd come home and stick a little exercise ball between my butt and the wall, and use my butt to rotate it around in circles on the wall (essentially massaging out the knots). It worked great. Good luck!

Robyn said...

Totally sounds like piriformis. I recommend lots of stretching and yoga- pigeon pose is the best for this one.

Massage will help too- use a tennis ball and sit on it then move around in circles so that it 'digs' into the muscle. You can also have your kids or spouse use a rolling pin to massage the area. This could be fun and interesting! hee hee

Good luck getting rid of it!