Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Sur Advice

Ok, am trying to win the mental game, but thought I'd ask you all, since I know there is a lot of experience out there.

I'm doing Big Sur this weekend, my goal is to earn my medal (by finishing within 6 hours.) It's my 5th marathon, with my fastest being 5:08 and slowest at 5:59. Please pass along any advice, tips, ideas, or overall support (I'm not shy, I'll ask for it.) The negative thoughts are winning and I've only got 6 (gulp) days left!


Robyn said...

My advice is... it's all MENTAL! You know that already, right? Start the positive affirmations now. It makes a huge difference. Seriously take time every day, a few times a day, to say them to yourself in the mirror (Yes, it's cheesy but do it. Look yourself in the eye) I've also heard that writing your affirmations down is very powerful. Write it 50 times on a paper, every day.

Pick a mantra that you will repeat over and over to yourself during the race like "I can do hard things" or "I am strong, I will succeed" or whatever works for you. Then think about all the time, effort and training you have put into it. You can do it!!! Good luck!

Kristyn said...

I am totally going to piggyback on your post and reap all the good advice. I am 4 weeks from my first marathon, and I am really doubting myself right now. I am a slow runner--I also have a goal to finish between 5.5-6 hours. I have had an injury that has sidelined me for a few weeks, and now I am feeling that I have no business running a marathon. Thanks for asking the question so I can hear all the great advice, too!

And good luck! Your 5th Marathon?!? You will do great--I am sure! You are an inspiration!

Nikkei said...

Using mantras might seem silly, but it really works for me. My usual mantra is "I am a marathoner; I love to run; I am a marathoner; I run until I'm done." (I also like the mantras that Robyn suggested.) My mantra is usually running in the background of my mind the entire time; I'm only really conscious of it when it seems to start getting tough which isn't that often because my brain is so busy with the mantra that it doesn't have lots of extra bandwidth to worry.

Also, it helps me to think of the 20 mile mark as the halfway point and to run the second half first. In other words, I try to think of the first 6.2 miles as the last 6.2 miles. This helps prevent me from starting too fast, and I feel like I'm halfway done early in the race.

Since your slowest marathon was under six hours, I don't think you should worry at all about getting your medal. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm running big sur this weekend too. It's my first marathon and I expect to finish on the slow side. I'm running with the 5 hour pace team, which will hopefully keep me on track. My name is Shannon if you decide to run with that group. You've done this before, you can do it again! Good luck!

Tryna said...

Thanks for the supportive posts. Shannon, I will definitely watch for you. I think I am going to line up either with the 5 hour or 5:30 pace group. But I know they have the first marathoners with red on their bibs.

How exciting to do your first marathon in such a beautiful place. Thanks Robyn and Nikkei for the mantras idea, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep an eye out for me. I'm going alone and I'd love to see a friendly face! My bib# is 2845 and I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing a blue shirt.