Monday, December 27, 2010

end of the year number obsession

I will admit that I'm obsessed with numbers. This is why I run with a Garmin. And why I don't ever turn it off at stoplights because discovering a half a mile later that I forgot to turn it back on when the light turned green is disasterous for me. I should look into help, I know. My number obsession is also why I will run circles in the parking lot just to hit an even 7 miles for a run if I have to. Sure, 6.87 miles would be good enough, but I want that even number. I've noticed other runners in my group doing the same. It's a bit neurotic but that's what makes running (and runners!) so much fun.

I log all my runs -- from the 3 miles with the dogs to the 20+ miles during marathon training. All the numbers are accurately recorded and tallied by the year. It is why I can tell you 2007 was a bad running year for me due to my second pregnancy (only 168 miles total that year!). And why I can also say that this year, 2010, was my highest running year to date (going over 1200 -- whoo hoo!). I know because I have been logging all my runs since 2005 when I really started to care about seeing some improvement.

I also keep a spreadsheet of my races. I'm not ever going to win a race (or even come remotely close!) but I like to see how I've improved and what my previous times were for every distance I've raced. I can tell you with pinpoint accuracy what I ran at specific races, what those race distances were and the year.

All of this is why I love the end of the year. It's a time to reflect on what my running has been this year and where I want it to go in the coming year. I'm excited by improvement I've seen this year, some great running friends and where I see myself going in 2011. As always, I'm planning on faster miles and more total miles run, but also to continue this running journey that I love so much. I've learned a lot about myself this year and can't wait to see what happens in 2011.

What about you? Have I just described your number obsession, too?


Holly said...

what do you use to keep track of your runs?? Paper and pencil, some sort of spreadsheet, or dailymile or some other site like that?

cherl said...

A combination of things: a spreadsheet for races, runkeeper for daily runs and I keep a running total on a blog, too. It may sound complicated but it's not. LOVE runkeeper because the distance, pace, date and time are always right where I can get to them quickly. I love seeing what my last efforts at particular distances are when I'm heading out for a run. :)

Kelly(M&M) said...

Cherl- you rock!! I am definitely a numbers girl and love my Garmin. However, my lack of organization keeps me from keeping track! I can tell you all my race times though. :-)

Nikkei said...

I understand the obsession with numbers, and that is one reason why I love running -- it is an individual sport in which you compete with yourself, or rather, with your own numbers. Keeping track of numbers makes it interesting. I love to use Today I ran an extra 0.2 miles just so I could log an even 450 miles for the year. My goal for 2011 is 1000 miles.