Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the marathon taper

For me, it's that week. You know the one, the week our spouse loathes and we do everything we can to remain sane and normal. The last week before the "award" (aka race) for all those long miles logged, often in the dark this time of year. The week you are told to chilll out, relax, don't do anything strenuous, cut back on mileage... you know, the TAPER. I've increased my protein intake early this week and will soon switch over to increasing my carbohydrates. I've been in bed by 9:30pm and forcing myself to stay in bed until my kids wake up. I'm also drinking enough water to require a bathroom visit much more often than usual. I've been watching TV and looking for other mindless actitivies to do. My pulling-their-leashes-like-we're-in-an-Iditarod dogs are not getting walks by me. My last runs this week have been outlined so I know what I'll be doing between now and race day. I've made plans for a carbo-load dinner Saturday evening with friends and a meetup with those who will support me at points along the course Friday evening. I've arranged childcare for my kids and have determined when and where my husband will join me on the course. I've figured out what I will wear and have all the fuel supplies I need in order. This morning I treated my toes to a pedicure. I was unable to wear open-toed shoes after my last marathon for two months due to a massive blister and lost toenail. That's unacceptable here in Southern California. I need all my toes to be pretty before the race, just in case. The last thing on my To Do list is to update my playlist which I intend to do today. I know I'm as prepared as I can be, but I'm just not feeling ready, yet.

What do you do during the marathon taper? I'm really trying to stay calm, but I can't. Maybe you have a book or activity to suggest??

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Sarah said...

You're going to do great! I do just about what you do... except for I always end up cheating and running a couple miles. I justify it somehow, but I know I shouldn't! Grab a good book, relax, you're prepared and GOOD LUCK!!!